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  1. I'm creating a little icon to be used on another site (entering a contest), and they mentioned something about needing to be "indexed .pngs" to be compatible with recolors and palettes. Could someone please explain what that means? I'm more than a little lost.....
  2. I edited, just to add the proper link to the stock/texture image.
  3. Cool, if it's okay. Thanks! ^_^ Texture/stock used, from cgtextures.com/ : http://www.cgtexture..._thumblarge.jpg
  4. Made a new sig. It was supposed to be for the SOTW contest, but I got sidetracked and missed the deadline, lol At least this time I spelled my name right.
  5. Bummer, I missed the deadline. I thought it was the 31st. >< Ah well, I'll post it in my Gallery instead. ^_^ Nice job all, I can't wait to vote!
  6. Thanks yellowman. I was just checking, since some of the other contests allow renders in some installments, but not in others. Just wanted to be sure this was one of the "others". lol ^_^
  7. Can we use renders for this one?
  8. When you say, "compatible with the plugin", which plugin are you referring to? I meant using them with the Text tool. Pfft. Never mind, I had a brain blank for a moment there. lol And thank you. ^_^
  9. Are those fonts free for download? Those are amazing! They work like regular Wingding fonts?
  10. Thanks all, once again, for the encouragement. ^_^ welsh - It was a player-hosted contest from a player on Howrse, the US version. I used one of the Gold Text tuts to make it, but I can't remember which one. minners, don't feel humbled, feel inspired! I'm a serious newbie at this, and basically I just try various tutorials, and then play with all of the Effects. Most of them look funny, but then you hit on the one that actually looks cool. Feel humbled when looking at welsh and barbie's works, and the other long-timers here, not mine. lol The first one was just coloring, and then a combo of inverted Flames and Dents for the water. The third one used really easy, mainly different combos of Add Noise and Motion Blur. The background used Film, but I'm still clueless how it works. lol The fourth one was made using the Filled Glass tut, like for my current sig, and the Easy Aura tut. I've discovered photo manips now, and am messing around with that. Hopefully I'll have something interesting to post for that later. ^_^
  11. An art contest on another forum ended today, so I can show off my entries. We were given a lineart to use, and allowed 5 entries. I only managed 4, but two of them won 2nd and 3rd place. With the exception of the first one (one of the winners) I was just playing around with various PDN effects, to see what I could get. I actually made them about a month ago, so some of them are a bit rough around the edges. lol
  12. This is what I came up with. It's a vacation photo from a Botanical Gardens we visited in Africa.
  13. Ah, okay. I looked through all of the contests when I was making mine, just to be sure I didn't duplicate anyone, so that's where I got "Left Behind" from. I didn't read all of the themes and rules though, so that list is a great help. Much appreciated. ^_^ What about "Alien Seasons"? Like, if Neptune had a summer, what would it look like? Or create a fictiional planet's fall. For that matter, what about "Create a Planet/Moon"? Look how many worlds Disney had to make up just for Treasure Planet, or George Lucas in the Star Wars books, or the Star Trek and Dune worlds. Maybe something like that?
  14. Oh wow, nicely done pdnnoob! I've got to try this tut out myself.....
  15. I think they did Comets, and something called "Left Behind", but I'm not sure if debris and asteroids fell into those categories.
  16. How about "Alien Wildlife"? Not a sentient alien, necessarily, but something that would correspond with our animals. Or "Alien Flora/Fauna", which would include animals *and* plants?
  17. Oh, it's been extended? Hmm.... maybe I can slap something together, if nothing else just to give another entry and make the others look good. ^_^
  18. Oooo.... you know, those would make some amazing screensavers/animations. Having 1 or 2 random panels fading in and out every 30 seconds or so..... And now I want to go back to Alaska again. I think I can handle the Cable Car trip this time!
  19. Okay, I had a friend who used to bake wedding cakes, and your flowers are making me crave her frosting again. XD Lovely!
  20. Wow, looks like a picture from the Hubble.... Very nicely done! Wow, I wonder what that would look like with all of the colors inverted.
  21. I hope you feel better soon Possum! Wow, awesome awards! THanks so much MountNman! Fun contest, can't wait for the next. Once Possum is feeling better, of course. ^_^
  22. Thanks so much for the tut! Here's my try. I did a round rainbow, color and b&w:
  23. Thanks everyone. Those comments mean a lot. ^_^ I'm having a ton of fun with PDN, and so far the Nameless Painting was my favorite to work with. I didn't intend for it to end up that way, but I guess it had a mind of it's own. lol
  24. Archer. Just because I love archery, so it always wins. ^_^ Oooo.... Love the eye! How'd you do that?
  25. And, I can't figure out what's up with the hide/show glitch on Flutter Bys and Colored Pencils. I did the same thing as the others, yet it doesn't want to work. *scratches head*
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