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  1. Sorry, my apologies, I was looking in the wrong spot.

    First off, download your brushes, and unzip them, remembering where they are stored. Then, open up ABRViewer. You should get an interface that looks like this:


    Click "Add another directory". Locate your downloaded brushes, most likely in your Downloads folder:


    Then choose "Choose this Directory". Back in the ABRViewer, double-click the folder you now see. You'll get a dropdown where the brushes are. Click the drop down, then wait a few moments for the brushes to load:


    Once you have your brushes loaded, close ABRViewer. Now go back PDN, and open up your CustomMiniBrushes. Click "Add Brushes", and look for your Downloads folder, then for the folder called "ABRViewImages":


    Open that up, and you should see all of your brushes. Choose the ones you want to load, and hit enter. It'll take a while to load if you have a lot of brushes. I hope this helped (and was allowed). :)

  2. I'm not sure why it took me so long to realize this, but apparently I have a bunch of double brushes loaded in my Custom Brushes Mini plug in. From the looks of it, I did two things: 1) I added several sets of brushes twice, and 2) On the majority of the sets, I loaded both the brush and the brush preview (from ABR). So now it is registering that I have over 600 brushes, when the number is closer to 350.

    Is there a way to delete out those extra brushes and previews from the plug in? I'm expecting it to be slow loading, because of the brushes anyway. But taking off all of those extras would still help quite a bit in speeding things up.

    Many thanks. ^_^

  3. I have not been myself for some time now....

    It all goes back a few weeks when I was abducted by a mad genetic scientist researching hibernation in mammals for deep space flight. He thought that maybe the possum's unique ability to "play dead" and fall into a near comatose state might be the answer to his research. It took the security force from my multi-national corporation a couple of weeks to locate me and formulate a rescue plan. In the meantime, I was working on my own plan of escape. I "played dead" and fooled the guards at the facility where I was being held into thinking I was unconscious. When they came in my cage to check on me, I bit them and scampered to the nearest exit. I fled into a nearby woods where I hid out eating roots, grubs, and berries to survive. Apparently some of the berries I ingested were slightly toxic and I wandered around in the woods for over a week in a hallucinogenic state. When I finally came to my senses, I found myself in a dumpster in a nearby town cornered by a pack of stray dogs. I was rescued and taken in by a kindly retired veterinarian who nursed me back to health. My security force finally located me again and returned me to my home in the woods. I'm still experiencing the after effects of the wild berries I consumed, but I should be back to normal in a few weeks. I just hope my fur stops glowing in the dark so I can get a good nights sleep.

    Whatever the Doc gave you, I want some..... fugue.cookie.png

  4. I downloaded a plugin pack recently that had a certain plugin I need, but now I cannot for the life of me remember where it is, or what it's called.

    The plugin allowed you to insert a symbol from a font set into your pic. It was better than the basic text tool, because you could see the entire font set at a glance, which is helpful when using symbol fonts, like Wingdings. It also kept track of the symbols you use often, and "recorded" them in the history buttons down the right side of the interface screen. You can also adjust sizing at the same time.

    Could anyone please help me remember what this plug in is called, and where it is in my menu. I know it's there, because I just used it about 2 weeks ago. I just *cannot* get my brain to find it. Thanks a million. fugue.cookie.png

  5. Thanks AGJM and Possum. ^_^ Helen's tut is definitely my all-time favorite. :)

    I haven't had a chance to update things much. My mom has been sick (chronic issues flaring up recently), and I have a new job that takes me out of town a lot, and usually where there is little or no net connection. But I've still been practicing, especially with the Multi Gradient and Color Flip plugins. I've fallen in love with both. bubblerevolution.grinneh.png I've updated the top post with this cross-section of my recent projects:



  6. I see we can't use stock images. But can we use photos we've personally taken? I've got some that I'd probably have a hard time proving they aren't stock, but I'd love to use them anyway, if we can.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I see it says "abstract". A photo would hardly be abstract. Sorry, lol

  7. I haven't been able to be around much these days. Congrats Goon, for winning. ^_^

    Something "techy" sounds good to me. Being a newbie, this would be my first time trying anything like it, so I'm up for it. :)

    Would it be macro-tech (larger things, like robots and computers) or micro-tech (microchips, circuit boards, etc.)? Or both?

  8. It doesn't give me an option of where to save it. It just says "Save or Discard", then gives the normal "this type of program may harm your computer" warning. After that I get the normal Download icon on the bottom of my browser. But when I choose open, I get the error message.

    I use Windows Vista and Google Chrome.

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