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  1. BoltBait, I am interested in something beyond 10 as well. Did I understand that each step in the slide is calculated manually? So coding up to 20,30,40 sounds like a lot of work for you...
  2. I've been trying but it seems the blur does not follow custom shapes (i.e. lasso select). I've attached a picture (sorry for the crudeness) of what I'm trying to do: the red indicates where I have the lasso select tool selected; the blue represents the area to be blurred and then unblur in the space between the red and blue, fully unblurring when it reaches the red. Effectively you would have a "U" shaped gradient blur. The option to blur from the edge seems to make an estimated boundary overlapping the whole area instead of using the actual selected area. Just hoping this was what I was looking for because it makes superimposing very easy. Thanks for your time.
  3. Is there a way to modify the quality settings for Animated GIF/PNG?