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  1. I salute you. Meh, maybe I should stick up my Nyan siggy.
  2. Thanks for the advice. As for the signature making... I suppose it's been a year or two. However, before starting on a blank canvas again recently, I was terrible. Read a few tuts and looked at how some others do it though in that time.
  3. 7.5/10, nice typography and an interesting theme. Lacks a real focal point though :s
  4. Yeh, I think you get the idea of what you are meant to do. If you are in possession of the last post, you win! Until someone else posts, that is. Don't know if you guys have had one of these before, so bare with me Rules are.... no double/multi-posting, no gibberish and no.... urmmm I forgot the last one. Anyway, begin. I'm winning so far, I think?
  5. I agree with Chrisco, thats a great first signature. The background works really well with the render and the text suits well. Next time, try blending your render in a little bit more with the background. Nevertheless, thats great. Someones been busy 1 & 2 are great. I love the kind of illusion 1 gives, great perspective. 2 is almost perfect, if I can say that. Great use of shades and typography. 3 is good, though I'm not quite sure about the split between green and burgundy through the middle. Maybe I'm just being fussy, but otherwise the angular theme works well. Love the
  6. Hey all. I'm Osl112 and am from a little place called England. I've been using Paint.Net for a little while now... year or two but never plucked the courage to actually sign up on the forums until now. I use PDN to make all sorts of graphics, mainly sprites and sigs/tags though. See you all round
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