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  1. Think he means 3d, you know blue and red so you can see it with glasses properly... Pritty easy to do, but haven't seen any plugin for it.
  2. looks nice i'm gonna give it a try
  3. Nice idea, but there are a couple of other things that i would rather have in 4.0 than this. But yea if Rick got the time it could be nice
  4. No Problem m8, just glad i could help
  5. Nope, not possible. Advice you could save the image as a .pdn then flatten image and save as png or bmp or what ever you want, then you can always go back and edit if needed.
  6. right^^, but to answer you question just use magic wand and select the area you wanna shade make a new layer and put that over the other layer, now draw with a darker, lighter color on the edges where you want the shading to be and then just use Gaussian blur until you think i looks good. P.S you should move this to another section
  7. Guess there is an easier way, but you could select what you wanna save, then crop selection save the image and then just undo the crop selection.
  8. i really dont get it, why wouldn't you save in png, png is a loos less format jpeg suck you will get an all blured out and bad picture out of that, i really dont understand why you can not see png files png is the best file format in my opinion. Edit: I don't think there are any modern programs who let you use JPEG but not PNG...
  9. Awesome done PdNNoob how did you make the line seperating a world without and bunnies? looks awesome here are a few of my best: http://imageshack.us...ctmechanic.png/ http://imageshack.us...0/orangegr.png/ http://imageshack.us...tcolorfull.png/ cheers
  10. yea... do you think this is possible at all?... just wondering why no one have ever made a plugin like this before
  11. Hey fokes, i was wondering if it would be possible to create a plugin that could create a line with different width. Kinda hard to explain but if anyone knows photoshops pen tool where you can fill stroke, and simulate pressure thats kinda what i am looking for. It would not have to be an advanced plugin, it would only require 2 features: 1. Max width (the maximum width in the middle of the line) 2. And of course would let you decide where the line should be. so the plugin should create something like this: I have great faith in you Plz help P.S i wanna apoligize for my bad english i hope you understood what i meant. P.S.S i would definitely donate to that plugin