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  1. i read your post

    look in the tutorials section and read as many as you can of them even if you do not want the effect it gives you learn the techniques

    the abstract tutorials usually are good

    good luck!

  2. welcome to pdn!

  3. Hello Skystars5, Firstly, I hope that you don't mind me bothering you with my problems. I have just discoverd Paint.net and are very new at layering. I love making sims 3 clothing and logos for t-shirts, however being a newbie, I am just struggling with how to do it in Paint.net. Is there a tutorial or video somewhere on how to use Paint.net for making sims clothing etc? I had Photoshop elements 8 and it work very well. Due to some moving I lost the software and contacted Adobe inconnection of where I can buy a new Photoshop elements 8 in my erea. It has been 3 weeks, no answer
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