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  1. That's some really nice work being posted here. Since I read in the discussion that ties are ok as well and the art posted here doesn't need to be new, who wants to battle the captain? Tutorial from Abduzeedo. Except for 2 Stocks everything has been done in Paint.NET. A little bit of detail lost due to resizing but tried to maintain as much as possible.
  2. Hey pyro First of all thanks for all those awesome plugins. Secondly would it be possible to add a transparency control option for the outline in your Random Shape Fill plugin? Just like the one for fill color. I was also wondering whether you could also increase the maximum size to 400?
  3. Hey thought I'd leave a comment here as well. I really like your 2nd picture. It looks simple but has a nice feel to it. The last one is really good as well. As thumbnail it looks stunning but the original is not sharp enough in the middle. Unfortunately I don't quite know what you can do against it.
  4. Soo let's see Tee is my name...yeah that's not right but let's just call me Tee. Nice to see the last one who registered speaks german as well. Since I'm no great talker let's end my introduction to you here. cheers
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