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  1. Hello. Every time I start PDN it creates empty 800x600 image. Is there any way to change size of image or even disable this feature? Sorry if this was asked before but I can't find. Thanks in advance
  2. I'm not sure about latest versions but in CS2 "background" layer can not be transparent. File shouldn't contain "background" layer to reproduce this crash. Only additional layers.
  3. Best way in your situation is using some vector format (and editor)- ps/eps, svg, cdr, etc. To be honest I have no idea if you can find free editor for vector format. Vector image can be resized without limits. Bitmap image (jpg/png/bmp, etc.) can not.
  4. Ok, that was not guide problem. PDN crashes if all layers empty. Not sure is it dll or pdn fault but thanks for your time anyway.
  5. Hello. PDN crashes if .psd contains guides (tested with Ps CS2). PDN v3.5.8.4081.24580 photoshop.dll v1.6 Best regards.