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  1. Sorry, but it doesn't work at all for me, though it makes an effect, it really isn't the one as shiny and luxurious as i was looking for. Much to simple appearance. Could you provide me perhaps with a working link to the codelab? I dit already pull one codelab.dll from the net, but it doesn't start a environment or control panel, just a textblock without any possibilities or settingschoice... It appears to me, that the original link was too long to show in the full link, and was cut off by the three dots ... after the dots, there was still a word left, in that full-url. but i cannont recreate or restore the full link unfortunately!! Grtz Flyer
  2. Sorry for my late reaction, i've been very busy last few days. Thx so much, i am going to try this today, i'll be back and of the day with 'my report' haha! grtz
  3. Hi everyone... i used the second button instruction, but i can't open the link to Tom's Lab.... my fault maybe? 4.) In the Colors window, set the primary color's transparency-alpha to 0 (zero). Open up Tom's Code Lab and load SearedIce's Transparent Fade script. You can get Tom's Code Lab here: http://paintdotnet.1...rumer.com/viewt ... ight=#5120 .
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