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  1. Greetings, As you know Windows 10 likes to restart itself and destroy work with carefree abandon. I don't know if its feasible, but saving to temp files and restarting and reloading after a shutdown would be most appreciated. I strive to save my work as I go, but get distracted and pulled away. I tend to work on many things at once so this feature would be a sanity saver. I saw a request for auto-save but the use case I'm presenting is distinctive. Thanks, Nick
  2. Dropbox giving 404 when attempting to dl the v4 zip file. Ack!
  3. Paint.net crashes if you open 8bf and then merely click the Filters text input box. I had no filters installed. Tested it three times. Always a crash. Just upgraded to 4.0.16. Don't know if that's the problem. This text file was created because paint.net crashed. Please e-mail this to crashlog4@getpaint.net so we can diagnose and fix the problem. Application version: paint.net 4.0.16 (Final 4.16.6315.38530) Time of crash: 6/22/2017 12:13:36 AM Application uptime: 00:02:35.1758095 Application state: Running Working set: 166,184 KiB Handles and threads: 1173
  4. A frequent problem that is encountered in my work involves taking measurements, often the feature within an image is curved which adds a lot of potential for error. For example, I need to take measurements on objects similar to bananas, sometimes more contorted. We need to take width measurements along the axis at 100 positions. Because the object is curved, we need to try to make measurements at perpendicular angles relative to the banana, and it gets harder when the object is more curved. If I could draw a line along the the axis, and the outline of the entire object, then taking th
  5. Greetings, I've used Paint.net for several years. I will be acknowledging it in a publication aimed at Molecular Ecology in the not too distant future, if that is alright with you. I seem to recall a post where the desired verbiage is specified. I think. Whatever happened to the simple Line? I can no longer swivel a line freely because of the addition of control points. Also, I can't figure out how to add control points... if there is even the option at all. A couple problems/challenges and how I work around them. I am uncertain how much work these would add because I'm not aware
  6. Seriously, this is simply a phenomenal plugin. Thank you for developing it. It is the finest selection tool I've seen. Suggestions: 1) Please preserve the state of the plugin; the settings and points, etc. If I make a booboo, and return, I have to start all over again. Sometimes there can be dozens / hundreds and it would be incredibly helpful for the mask to be there right where I'd left it to make a revision. This makes me really sad. - I realize there is a Review, but when you see the result in context with another image, it is still necessary to make adjustments. 2) P
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