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  1. I can't believe Bevel Selection wasn't used in this!
  2. Good tuts I'd usually add to favourites. But THIS!? So good I wrote it all out on WordPad. 99999999/10!
  3. King, yours looks EPIC. PTG, nice, but not as cool as king's. King 3 PTG 0 Do I do winner now? If I do... #winner :King
  4. Julio your second looks like Magic Ice! My go:
  5. Comments, questions and critisism are all allowed! *NEW* Tut Smiley. N for Netbook Aqua Doodling Odd What? Tut Smiley Well, that's all I got, so thank you for visiting NAA galeries!
  6. Just what I need to finish my random thing! And I made a Neon Sign with my name but the os are s!
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