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  1. Although I don't have the time to test this out, I'm fully-confident that you two both answered my question. Thank you, yellowman and Earl.
  2. I did that, as bolded above. The reason why I didn't uploading the small-file .gif was because, when it saved the .agif to a .gif, it became a static image. I just uploaded right now, and sure enough, it does not animate; it's stuck on a single frame. I'll be a bit more detailed. After creating all my layer/frames, I saved into a .agif with certain delay/loop settings. Then I "save as" the .agif into a .gif. It then prompts me for dithering/transparency options, as usual when saving a .gif. I was then prompted to flatten it, which I did. I just followed through these steps a second ti
  3. I downloaded this today, and successfully created an animated .agif. When I open the .agif on firefox from my C:, it animates perfectly. However, I want to share this animated gif with a friend. Photobucket would not allow me to upload an .agif. I tried saving into a .gif, but it flattens the image, such that when I open the .gif in firefox, the image is static on the final frame (top layer.) I have all of the layers checked as visible. How can I solve this issue?
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