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  1. Although I don't have the time to test this out, I'm fully-confident that you two both answered my question. Thank you, yellowman and Earl.
  2. I did that, as bolded above. The reason why I didn't uploading the small-file .gif was because, when it saved the .agif to a .gif, it became a static image. I just uploaded right now, and sure enough, it does not animate; it's stuck on a single frame. I'll be a bit more detailed. After creating all my layer/frames, I saved into a .agif with certain delay/loop settings. Then I "save as" the .agif into a .gif. It then prompts me for dithering/transparency options, as usual when saving a .gif. I was then prompted to flatten it, which I did. I just followed through these steps a second ti
  3. I downloaded this today, and successfully created an animated .agif. When I open the .agif on firefox from my C:, it animates perfectly. However, I want to share this animated gif with a friend. Photobucket would not allow me to upload an .agif. I tried saving into a .gif, but it flattens the image, such that when I open the .gif in firefox, the image is static on the final frame (top layer.) I have all of the layers checked as visible. How can I solve this issue?
  4. After downloading Windows Installer Clean-up, Paint.Net didn't appear on the list. It didn't show up on the lists for Control Panel's Remove Programs nor Revo Uninstaller either. Even though everything on my computer got wiped out, I clearly remember finishing the installation for PDN several (2 or 3) times. Masked Burito, I've tried dl'ing SP 2 and 3 twice or more each, in which it would say it was successfully installed. And although SP 2 & 3 don't appear on either of my lists, is there anything SP 2 or 3 could do which Framework 4 can't do? Is it possible that the installation of Frame
  5. This time, when I tried it, I got the same repair window. But this time when I clicked repair, the black window instantly came up and closed within 1 second, without the "requires 3.5 SP1 or greater" window. I then went to every individual file in the pdn folder with a notepad icon and did the same thing, with no difference. In the above image of my pdn folder, could I be missing something (or having something unnecessary in there) which could be the problem?
  6. I tried your solution above, Pyro, and got this: Before trying this solution, I tried re-DLing 3.5 SP1 through a different website (although it had the same exact file name & size). Got this error: Now that I think about it, this looks kinda familiar. Although I know for sure Framework 4 was DL'd successfully, it's possible that I had gotten this before with 3.5 (and I got confused because I was DLing things over and over so much I lost track?) Thanks so much for your current solutions, Pyro and EER. What else can I try?
  7. Although I distinctly remember DLing all in the list above multiple times, only 1.1, 4 Client Profile, and 4 Extended actually appear on the repair. I successfully repaired Framework 4 Client Profile first, and both before and after a restart, I got the same PDN error message. I recently successfully repaired Framework 4 Extended, and without a restart, I got the same error message. Then I tried repairing Framework 1.1; however, the option didn't show up. Rather, it immediately asked me whether I would like to remove it. Thanks Pyro, but do you or anyone else have any other ideas on what I c
  8. The Problem: Recently due to unforeseen technical difficulties in my C:// which were completely not my fault, I was lead little choice but to use system restore. I've done this before, and PDN came back up with little effort; however this time: I tried DLing .NET framework several times. 3 different versions, 2 times each. Alas, I feel I wasted time, same error with each. These were the links I DL'd in order, which I remember because the links are purple on google: .NET 3.5 .NET 4.0 (newest) .NET 2.0 (did I? can't remember, but link's purple). .NET 3.0 (on faqs) Most of them claimed to
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