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  1. Absolutely love a lot of the new features with pdn4. Just wanted to post a few bugs I have run into so far. 1. I've noticed that if I use the magic wand tool to make a selection and then adjust that selection using the awesome new tolerance setting that once I am done adjusting the tolerance I cannot press the delete key in order to actually delete the selection until I've clicked on the magic wand tool on the left sidebar again. It doesn't happen every time however it does intermittently not work. 2. I've had a lot of trouble moving small selections around, mainly because I always end up rotating the image on accident instead of moving it. There are a few small selections that I have been completely unable to move by clicking and dragging, for example I made a new image 200x10 and was only able to move it using the arrow keys, using the mouse ended up rotating the image every time. 3. I've also run into 3 program crashes so far. I have attached links to the pastebins for them, I wish I could give a reproducible error for them but I'm not honestly sure what I did to cause them. http://pastebin.com/vG2arYBw http://pastebin.com/Z55iYMhN http://pastebin.com/BJQCURiH
  2. If it only did it per save session then that shouldn't be a problem. That or perhaps if you are saving more than one image at a time, perhaps it always asks for the first image, so you will then have the choice to disable the mass save, and it would still be a tremendously helpful feature.
  3. Hello, I am a new member here however have done all the research I can on this topic and unfortunately still haven't found a solution. When I am working I tend to open 50-100 jpeg images at a time, modify each one of them, and then close out and use the Save All option displayed on close. I am then prompted with the save configuration box for each and every image. Now I have honestly never once changed the quality from 95% before hitting okay. I know the save configuration box does save the quality settings, however I have found that when if I hit enter on the save configuration box too fast I end up with a partially corrupted thumbnail, meaning I have to wait a few seconds before hitting okay so this does not happen. What would be a very large time saver for me and I'm sure many other users who work with large number of users at the same time would be a little checkbox that says "Do not display the Save Configuration box again for this session". If a user does need the Save Configuration box then they could just ignore this, however for users like me who do not want to change the quality, this would be a large time saver. I do love paint.NET however this is one little feature that has always bothered me a little. Thank you in advance for your replies and such a great program!
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