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  1. OK Rick, I won't beat around the bush. The continued omission of docking toolbars is a problem. As a longtime developer myself, I get satisfaction out of adding features that I consider make my software more feature-rich, higher performance, or less prone to problems. I'm a functional kind of person, which is why I became a successful developer. I understand all this, which is why when I read your comments and saw the video with the un-docked tool window, I shuddered, cringed and flinched. [Disgusting expletive deleted], another 2 years? Dude. I know you feel that you have your mind made up about this, but I and others have been waiting over 2 years for this one, single, solitary feature. I avoided Photoshop for 8 years during the 90's for the exact same reason. My previous image program, Paint Shop Pro 4.14, won't run on 64-bit systems. I will soon be using Paint.Net exclusively. I know I'm not the only one that feels this way - I've seen other comments to this effect. So. What I propose is for you to provide an estimate, money-wise, of what it will take to add docking toolbar capability to version 4. Then, we begin a donation drive to reach the price. If I can afford it, I'll donate the whole amount myself. I am so not kidding. Please think it over. Thanks, sF
  2. All, I'm really trying not to be too negative in my career as a Luddite, but it's hard not to cave in. Here's what I mean: after wiping my main workstation's hard drive due to a very new and very nasty rootkit virus, I decided to take the plunge and install a 64-bit OS for the first time. You can imagine how lost I felt when I discovered I could not use Paint Shop Pro 4.14 anymore - I'd been using it since 1997. It's been my Notepad for images, and I'm sure nothing else is going to be exactly the same - which is what I want, admittedly unrealistically. So I ended up trying Paint.Net, and it seems pretty close, but my biggest bitch is the damned tools not being toolbar-able. At least they follow the window, which is a small step toward sanity, but the fact they each have to sit there as their own window is really distracting. I see by forum posts that this is a frequent complaint as well, so it's not just me. Multiple windowed images open at one time is also an important feature; I don't want to have to go up top and click to another image: +1 MDI child canvas. Please know I write software for a living myself, so I can already hear how annoying these compaints sound to the developers - just my two cents. -------------------------------- So all that having been said, has anyone written plugins for this stuff? I doubt it due to the nature of the issues, but I thought I'd ask. SO if anyone has any suggestions, it would be appreciated. -------------------------------- BTW, I'd be totally cool with paying for an image program that had the features above; you have a good thing going Rick. Thanks, sF