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  1. They're all ok. I'm sure you could do better if you put your mind to it!
  2. sorry I havent uploaded in awhile... I've been busy
  3. I find the other comments a little over the edge after pyros... umm... ya. Well great tutorial. I love it!
  4. is trying to ad 1 or 2 pics a day to his gallery

  5. I'll try out image shack soon. I have the idea in my head just wait for things to happen...
  6. I've closed my gallery because I couldnt take the time to maintain it anymore :\ Sorry guys.
  7. I bet I could do this without plugins :3
  8. Nice. Great tut. As some of you know I am a newbie so this is really cool for me
  9. make a spell check plugin. I bet you'll get that one downloaded a lot.
  10. It' ok. I think I'll download some plugins now. The ones that I need anyways. I might even be able to make somthing look good!
  11. Well I guesse I'm just really trying to figure out paint.net at the base. If I really like it then I will go all out and get a lot of plugins.
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