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  1. Makes good sense to me, and just un-ticking maintain aspect works. One thought I had was a potential 'forced aspect' selection mode where only selections that exactly match the given ratio are offered. Your explanation set off a rube goldberg machine in my head, too. Far beyond the scope of a bugfix. But I thought I'd share it. The undo data contains a list of previous commands, doesn't it? If so, most of the information needed to make context-sensitive decisions is already there. But for most users, having a command do something different (if only slightly) based on when and where an action
  2. 1. Open or create a new file (while writing this, i'm using 4000 by 3000px) 2. Selection Rectangle tool, Fixed ratio (width 6, height 4.5) 3. Select an area and crop to selection 4. Image->Resize (Best Quality, absolute size, maintain aspect ratio; resolution: 200 pixels/inch; print size: width 6 inches) If the selection is larger than 1200x900 pixels, the result is scaled down properly to 1200x900 (in this example) If the selection is smaller, the result will be 1200x901. Scaling up results in a rounding error somewhere. The resize action doesn't need to be completed to see the ef
  3. Something similar seems to be taking place in the resize tool. A 3888x2600 source image (jpeg 100%) is used. In test 1, I cropped to an area larger than 1200x900 (fixed 6x4.5 crop) and resized (200dpi, fixed ratio, 6"x4.5". A 1200x900 image resulted as expected In test 2, I cropped to an area smaller than 1200x900 (same fixed crop) and resized again with the same settings. A 1200x901 image resulted. Source and test images are available upon request.
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