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  1. Don't use it - more likely to use ellipse, rectangle, rounded rectangle more. And, for me, the Line/Curve tool is the most useful - as you can stretch and bend it afterwards. Couldn't you add all the shapes together? Adding the choice of shapes with brush width, fill, etc - including maybe custom shapes, and the ability to stretch and distort it aswell like the Line/Curve tool?
  2. Wow - amazing plugin! Been wanting mesh warp for a while now and I'm so glad to finally have it!
  3. It would be a real shame if masks are not added to Paint.net. I don't know any program, other than paint.net, that don't use masks now. But there is always workarounds for anything, so I'll just change my way of working with this program... I've got the Alpha Mask Import plugin installed since yesterday so I'll play around with that. And I'll almost certainly play around with your other suggestion. Thanks!
  4. Forgot to ask... will the custom brushes also allow you to change its angle? It would be so helpful to turn a brush around to suit the type of image you are editing!
  5. Just been looking though your 'Popular Feature Requests' thread. Really like some of your proposed updates. Especially the Adjustment layers and Custom brushes. Do you have any plans to include an active zoom window, masks, and clipping masks? Most of these are standard in other programs and it would be a shame to see them omitted from paint.net. Active zoom windows are great for detailed editing as it displays the whole image in its own window, with a zoom slider at the bottom. When you drag the slider, a small box shows up in the active zoom window to show the area you have zoomed into, and allows you to move that box any where within the window itself to edit that certain area. Masks need no explanation as most people know about them. And clipping masks are the ability to sort of link two layers together. One could be a shape and the other a texture. And by clipping them together you add that texture just to the shape layer solely, and none of the other layers are affected. Both layers are fully intact as no real cutting has occurred so it is non-destructive so you can come back to it later and move the image you have clipped to the different position; be it the shape or texture layer. Clipping masks; Chazzy
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