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    Okay, so I need to take screenshots for the more complicated steps, Make it more descriptive and friendly, and post the new draft. Any chance there is a way to put attached images inside of the tutorial, or do I need to use some image hosting service? Also, is an interlaced PNG a viable method of making images for friendly for slow connections? I do have OptiPNG and everything, and I like to keep my images in that format instead.

    I'm also considering making it an entirely visual tutorial, putting the instructions and pointers on the pictures themselves, and naming this topic, "High detail imagery" or something more appropriate than just slapping the word HDR into something not really HDR.

    Ok, I've gotten to the step where you say apply a high pass filter to the layer that is color burned. What is the high pass filter? Any suggestions on where I can download the plugin? Or can I Just use something already installed in Paint.net?

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