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  1. Very usefull, absolutely; u know, small/little details can make great/big diferences!This tool is great for some very precision needs (why or what for this precision needs? thats the diference why the right click rotation cant satisfy some more precision requerings/requests); Thanks alexb:)
  2. yeah, it's toli & i found it already his plugins pack (for sure the update one); & Thanks for the Rule#1 & other links (i usually run all the only publishing plugins page to get them). ok:)
  3. what am i doing wrong: the pic i try to upload is a jpeg, 100x100, 6,89kb; & pdn always tell me the file is "too big" O.o
  4. any of the Toli -smooth plugin links send us to the "misterious" Forumer page; there, i dunno where to find the plugin (if there's a plugin in there O.o), Ps: i 1st put this issue in the plugins topic; a mistake, i guess, so here's my rectification, ok
  5. ok & in the General Discussion section; sure. TY
  6. Forumer su*ks & lots of PDN pluggins "send us" to make the pluggin in there -forumer; now, where the hell in forumer we can find the pluggin? O.o
  7. ok, defenetly everything's ok (curves+ & gradient mapping dont crash me anymore) & ok, i never oficial or directly blamed pyro & always maked know how pc naif i am & probably all my problems were bc i dont understand a dime of pc stuff (wasnt this explicit enought? was it too subtil?) watever; ok, now i know i cant select & copy all a package items from winrar to effects folder -if u do = the items go to under the staging folder & bc only yesterday i downloaded my 2nd package pluggin (boltbait's package) i saw there in a very clear way that i must save the package already in effects folder & its in there (inside there) where i must unzip the package..& sorry,dunno if its bc mine its a W7 home premium, when it comes to save or keep anything we download, he gives me a "automatic" location, i simply say yes & then i try to find what location was that one & from there i open the zip with winrar & from winrar i drag the items to the effects folder (why am i type this? in case anything is wrong or overrated, maybe someone might have the gently of tip-clear me about simply steps for u all but not for someone with only about 1 week pc use;) TYVM Pyrochild for your awesome pluggins & tyvm all u this pluggins creators: you r a bloody magicians:) ps:ok, i shouldnt had put the issue in a kinda personal way & instead say..«the pyro pluggins»... i shoulda had say: «the package pluggins» matter the prob was the select & copy all at once from winR to effect folder (the way i did) while when its just 1 item in the zip i simply drag(not even copy)..but ok, i understand how puting pyro name mixed with this my problem can "kinda difamate" his name, so me flip reverse to true version & ohmy, everyone, dont hesitate a second, get the pyrochild package imediatly, cause be sure: thats the good stuff, the real one good stuff (amoung with some others almost mytical pluggins magicians)!!! ok, sorry the lick thing or, simply, publicity...lets go back to work & period:)
  8. OK..but its a "strange" pluggin (the pyrochild ones)..from the winrar i copy all the pyro stuff & put everything in the effects folder; but they allways go to under the staging folder* ("mixed" with everything's there* i must drag 1 by 1 all the pyrochild effects to the effects folder & then i had to install the paintdotnet_25519670 thing (lol) in the staging folder* (btw, the only item i'v got there*) -only now i see the pyro effects in my menu...but i didnt try yet them (& above all only left me to know if the «curves+ & the gradient map» will crash me again like the other time i 1st get the pyro pluggin) -if so, np, i simply wont touch them again -its a minor bad thing compares to everything what happened to me when i decided try to fix the prob anyway; for now everything seems to get back to "normality"<--better than nothing:)))
  9. ps: & pyrochild, i <snip - let's not even joke about it > if this time your pluggin package mess with me (at least i'll do my best to make right the pluggin O.o O.~)
  10. \o/ yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay \o/ I DID IT! I got already back again, HOOoo!! TY TY TYVM ( & now, for the 1st time i will see how a program folder is & what he's got inside, before any changes (pluggins) i'll do from now on..ok, back to work & a big hug to all the folks \m/o\m/
  11. ..WAIT...i downloaded the FINAL UNINSTALLER...(me so anxiety & stuff) was deleted there..& now i'm going to try download again, please.../me pray to technological heavens...brb...)''
  12. well TY anyway...but i simply did what i thought was the most simply way to solve my prob: i uninstalled so i could start all over from the begin...but u know what? ahhhh, uninstall fatal error & now i cant use at all & i cant reinstall, simply cant do anything & i just wantto die ahhhh O.O (to solve problem i must contact package vendor, or even microsoft (i guess) & & &...omg...why must be so complicated all this pc stuff...i cant believe its so hard get rid of a program (to "re-download" everything as must be download) i'm stuck in a kinda limbo ó.ò... will gimp or other "similar" program be my salvation? ahhhhh o.o;
  13. i sent already the pdncrash to where we must send, but cause havent yet any reply i need for now some clear me out questions about download pluggins & folders "configuration": i mean, in folder we got the «effects, file types, native.x64, native.86, resources & staging» folders (i believe this staging is the last one) -now, is it normal having some of the effects files/pluggins i did dowload under the staging folder? i was a lil confuse about the unzip thing so i think i did even put some effects in there (under the staging folder) -but even so, all the effects i did the pluggins they all are in the right folder -the effects folder; any way, simply anyone can tell me what is suposed to be under the Staging folder (license, paintdotnet.base.dll, paintdotnet.core.pdb,,..effects, paintdotnet, paintdotnet.exe, paintdotnet.pdb,..etc etc?**) & having some of the effects i pluggin (copy's for sure, cause i have them too-same names- in the effects folder as must be) mixed with this** under the Staging folder can damage or explain my crash? please, clear me something about this & sorry my bad english & my naif pc experience ó.ò; ty:)