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  1. Thanks. Unfortunately I know how to get and use custom brushes. I guess what I mean is, I'd like to see a plugin that will add more "paint" the longer you hold down the mouse button. One click will get you a "light tap" of the brush, while holding down the mouse button for 2 seconds will get you a harder tap, 4 seconds will get you an even harder darker tap, etc. I guess I don't know how to explain it. Like if you have a tree leaf pattern brush......click the mouse once and you might only see 20% of the pattern and the longer you hold the mouse button the more of the pattern you'll see.
  2. Are there any plug-ins that would simulate painting with a brush to make tree leaves? There is no way to describe this so I will post a link to a video. The artist is the late Bob Ross. I want to try to create paintings on paint.net but using the "virtual" version of the method he uses. His method is to put paint on the brush and then tap it onto the canvas, creating what looks like foliage on trees. Here is the video: http://youtu.be/gq2lrrATs-0
  3. Thank You. <div><br></div><div>Edit: Also, I noticed that you say to use the line tool set at 4. I tried it with a higher setting because I was using a very large photo and it didn't seem to work right. It cut out some of the original, but at a setting of 4 it worked better. Why is that? I have no idea why it is showing the html tags on this edit. </div>
  4. Thank you. That's what I figured. I tried it with just a section, but the lines from the line tool are still there so I'm doing something wrong. I'll just give up on that way and keep doing it this way:
  5. Thank You. I'm not trying to be rude, but I already know how to do what you just said. I still need my original question answered about the "apply texture effect."
  6. It doesn't explain anything about the post to which I was referring. I know how to cut out using alpha mask, but his (keylogic) way sounds like you won't get any ragged edges.
  7. This is a reply to KeyLogic. Is there a tutorial for this? If not, can you make one? I just tried this but it isn't working. When you say you make a new layer, are you duplicating the original layer or making a transparent layer? You also say you use paint bucket, but do you also use magic wand to select inside the lines you drew with line tool, and what color are you using to fill in the area? When I tried this, the apply texture effect asked me to open a new file, then it filled in the area with just a blue background. One more thing, on which layer are you using the line tool? The
  8. I have a photo of a yellow car that I want to use but the hood is black. I used the ink dropper on the color pallet and then painted over the hood, but it's dull. The color is right but you can tell that it's not natural. Does anyone know of a way that I can add a "shine" to it to make it look more natural? By the way, if there is a tutorial for this, I can't find it. I did search. Thanks!
  9. This is a 3-D smiley brush. When I preview this, my image is showing as a thumbnail even though its 800X600. Why? SmileyBrush1.zip
  10. Dumb question. When you say "merge" the layers, do you mean flatten? Thanks. Edit: Nevermind, I know what merge means now, but at the end I merged them all and still saw the black/white clouds, so I clicked undo and instead of merge as the last step, I did "flatten" and it didnt show the black/white clouds.
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