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  1. i am searching everywhere on the web... i want to create shapes like elipses, rectangles,lines and text in .net. must be able to save the image and be able to open it to add more shapes again. I want to create hotspots on a image. is it possible? does do that? if it can, am i allowed to use as a child form in my app? Kind regards Heinrich
  2. Hi The file i downloaded was "" is this the source code for the cant open it, vb error when i try to open it - : "The project consists entirely of configurations that require support of platforms which are not installed on this machine. The project cannot be loaded." Anybody have any idea why? Or maybe his is an old version or something i am trying to open, where is the latest code to download? was looking so forward to see the code in action. i was a photographer for couple of years but seeing it first hand how it works....amazing! Thanks in advance Big G