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  1. I have had the new upgrade of PDN installed. The old one I was able to easily draw a circle. Just a plain hollow circle. By pressing shift etc. Now when I select ellipse there an animated thing going on with light blue in the middle...when I try and click it to keep it there it disappears. Any help would be appreciated. Dave
  2. I have windows XP, and latest version of PDN. . Thank you to whomever (boltbait) for download instructions. I took a couple of tries but i figured it out What the heck is a Bertie????? Dave
  3. I just wanted to display my first attempt at a animated avatar, and there it is to the left. TCE D.M.
  4. Why dont you try and animate it? A cube rotating on one axis...Actually it looks kind of neat the way it is...DM
  5. I was wondering when you have a shiny object like a billiard ball sitting under a light, and there is a reflection of the room lights coming off it, how would i reproduce that? DM
  6. Okay i'm a newbie and i've noticed in power point i can draw lines that end in arrows. I've also seen that this feature should be available to me in PDN 3.5 which i have. My question if someone can help, is how do i activate this feature on when making my animations in PDN? DM
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