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  1. Happy birthday Boltbait and E.E.R.! Is it really a year?
  2. Hi txmom, File type plugins go in the 'FileTypes' folder. I hope that's the problem.
  3. @Jim - great to see you back on the forum! Tycoonist23 - sorry for going off topic.
  4. I'm very sorry to hear that Pixey. My sincere sympathies.
  5. Hi Chuck, The question is which plugins are most useful for YOU. People use Pdn in many different ways and what is useful for one user may never be used by another. Having too many plugins installed will (slightly) slow down Pdn's load time but more importantly it can become very confusing. I would suggest the following: 1. Fully learn to use the program without plugins first (just the built- in effects and adjustments). Get to know layers, objects and blend modes. 2. Do as Boltbait suggests and download some of the pinned plugin packs. 3. Download the Plugin browser (this will give you u
  6. The low-rez, high-speed preview makes this at least ten times quicker! Invert map very useful too. Brilliant work - thank you!
  7. ^^ It's a shame - it was a good image (for a newby ). Good images from all this comp.
  8. Good work using TR's 3rd dimension and custom frame maker. The clouds frame around the angel and 'Snow chaos' are my favourites.
  9. Many thanks Seerose! @NN79 - Gary Moore! - I'm extremely flattered, he was a great player.
  10. Thanks Helen, If you lived closer I'd gladly help you with guitar (I'm sure you're pretty good already)
  11. Excellent new feature. Easier and better results than rotating the texture map.
  12. Many thanks TR! (Yes, I'm afraid that was me noodling away on guitar )
  13. Thanks skullbonz... far out man. Here's another imagined seascape - well that's what it eventually evolved into. I've uploaded a video showing some of the stages it went through. Hope it works! (first time I've used youtube). clickable http://i.imgur.com/48slX0N.png
  14. Muybridge - if he'd timed those cameras right, he could have proved that running horses never touch the ground! Good work on the latest - 3rd dimension is so useful for textures. Skillful using it for the castle too.
  15. I admire your patience! - the soft shading must have taken an age - but worth it! Well done.
  16. Hi Chuck38, The halloween one looks good! - you could possibly add a fiery glow to the text to make it stand out from the background a little more? - I like the text being behind the trees though! I'm no expert on 'sigs' and they all look good to me.
  17. Very impressive uses of 3rd Dimension Skullbonz! (I particularly like the red/turquoise combination on the 4th one)
  18. Great work on 'Frozen face' Drew! - and good results with 'Country painting' too. Pleased to see you updating your gallery again.
  19. Thanks for the compliment Oceana! Glad you are enjoying Facet and thanks for posting your image. 'Blue spirit' - could be religious - abstract church interior with stained glass? ... or Curacao liqueur?
  20. Hello MsHypothetical, Are you sure the grey chains are at 100% opacity - not just black lines at 50% opacity over a white background? The multiply blend mode darkens the layer below. So grey multiplied over white is grey BUT when over blue will make a very dark blue/black. Try this: 1. Put the 'grey' chains on their own layer above the jeans, if not already. On a new transparent layer NOT a white layer. If it is on white layer you use the 'Grim colour reaper' plugin to remove the white.(see plugin index). 2. Make sure the layer opacity is 255 (100%) and Normal blend mode. 3. Now you wil
  21. Thanks TR and Pixey! - I guess technically it is a digital image too. (digital as in reference to fingers) Thanks Eli for suggesting this too.
  22. Thanks for the (super - quick) update TR! Works really well. Btw the pentangle is only for testing purposes - no goat sacrifices today!
  23. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/5156-what-music-are-you-listening-to/page-153#entry418123 Vector co-ordinates loaded, dwarf subterranean hyper-threading commencement imminent. Hi ho!
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