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  1. A save history function that recorded plugin settings as a text file could be very useful. However, I doubt it is likely in the near future. It can sometimes be useful to take and save a screen shot of the expanded history window if you need to record the steps taken to create an effect.
  2. Top class images Pastorross! Strong ideas, very well executed. I look forward to seeing more and welcome to the forum from me too.
  3. I like the way you thoroughly experiment with all the options in an effect... with great results!
  4. Thanks everyone, for the positive feedback and reps. Shochi - I will try to put together a basic tutorial later. Pixey - the 'boxes on stilts' were indeed produced with my 'Cuboids' plugin set to 'height from tone'.
  5. ^^I completely agree. (though I haven't got past the gingerbread man tutorial in Blender yet!) Cool animation DS. Closest I can get with only Pdn.
  6. I think the sawdust does add to the animation! Love the way the letters detach and push into each other - very well observed... I can almost hear it cutting.
  7. That's a beautiful animation as it is now, Shochi! I really like it! As MJW previously mentioned it is probably impossible to exactly recreate the first gif you posted (with the current effects available for Pdn). I did some experiments using Pyrochild's 'Liquify' effect to distort a sphere. Then saving the 'mesh' file and applying that to each frame in an animation. Mixed results... unfortunately animations take so much time to make! But it is another effect to consider experimenting with.
  8. Excellent Woodsy! I see U.S. 'plywood' is of a higher quality than the stuff they sell us in the U.K. (full of gaps and filler). I dare say you have perfect dust extraction in real life but some sawdust could be fun in the animation? Great image.
  9. Nice mix of images in the animation Maximilian. Thanks for posting it. The 3rd and 4th ones could almost be ink on coloured paper. Good photo to start off with too - it really shows the feather structure. Mind you crows are not my favourite birds since they (with some magpies) decided to pull all the grass out of my front lawn! Perhaps they were looking for ants?... but I couldn't see any there.
  10. Interesting - Personally I have never installed drop shadow and prefer to create shadows 'manually' (not difficult). However, the AV companies that have detected something all find something different and are not the 'trusted' names. Even Symantec (notorious for false positives) gives it an all clear, as does Kaspersky, Microsoft and McAfee... so I think it unlikely to be infected, if downloaded from this forum. There is a pirate website that steals and redistributes effects against the authors wishes, these are known to be infected and may have caused the bad reputation shown by Virus total. Do be cautious though... use the manual method till others have checked.
  11. The main problem I can see is that shape 3d will always map to a perfectly flat sphere. For the depth illusion to work you really need the circumference to follow the heights in the image. Like in Eli's tutorial and this one by Pdnnoob .3d extrusion from a sphere A 'radial trail' based on src tone might do that... I know what I mean but tricky to describe! Anyway here's another weird one (you will need to click it, insert from url is broken, it worked earlier?).
  12. I think we need an effect similar to zoom blur that would trail dependent upon the images tonal values. These are all Pdn but wrapping them around a sphere doesn't quite work (yet). Interesting request and linked site Shochi - thanks!
  13. Well done on the new sig, Pixey and Woodsy. It's a shame that sigs only show up when we're logged in now.
  14. The marbles/orbs/spheres look great Seerose!
  15. Good to see your techniques progressing and a belated welcome to the forum from me too.
  16. Thanks Max'. The animation shows the different results well. I was really after that 1930's (U.K.) railway poster look - example. I think they were probably originally screen printed and the artist would choose the colours of the inks used. Creating this effect directly from a photo is tricky but hopefully 'poster' is a tool that can help reduce detail but keep the colour relationships.
  17. Great work! I prefer the metallic look of the first one too.
  18. That's a clever 'worm's eye' composite view of London landmarks Lloyd. Thanks for posting it and I'm pleased you're enjoying 'Poster'.