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  1. Aardvark has a higher (super) sampling rate. Used repeatedly as per E.E.R.'s suggested method. I've had thoughts about a plugin like this for a very long time but have not done anything. The more I think about it the more complex it seems as the sampling should increase towards the vanishing point, options for 2 or ideally 3 point perspective?, trailing outwards option? etc... If no-one has written it in a few months, I'll take a shot at it.
  2. Double click on the top layer in the layers window and set the blend mode to 'multiply'?
  3. Thanks for the images Eli and Dipstick! Thanks for the support Lynxster4!
  4. sig comp with Xmas trees ? It's the 'engineering' decorations that give the request an inspiring surrealist twist! Gears ?
  5. I hope it helps Rickhum. It can be very tricky getting the perspective right in Pdn as many effects treat perspective in different ways. One point perspective, 3 point, oblique and isometric projections and 'camera angle' to adjust in shape 3d too! Hopefully, by establishing main vanishing points on a guide layer it will help to avoid the worst conflicts.
  6. I always enjoy seeing your new creations - thanks!
  7. And thank you (danke sehr) Seerose for your support and beautiful images. (I hope that is correct, I'm terrible at languages)
  8. Miss Beziers and curves isn't quite ready to settle down yet! I did have talks with E.E.R. about one day producing a custom U.I. and more line types (spirals and flourishes) for Beziers & curves but we've both been too busy. And Shape-maker can already do some impressive things.
  9. Clever animation jmc92 - hand drawn? Have you tried the 'Insert other media' button on the lower R.H.S. of the edit window and using the Imgur direct link (I think).
  10. Name: Compo Grids Description: Renders geometrical grids Keywords: Composition, Proportion, Golden section, Halves, Thirds, Quarters Menu: Composition Original release date: 28th November 2016 (though I wrote it in October ) .dll name: CompoGrids Compatibility: Tested on Pdn 3.5.11 and Pdn4.0.12 Now in my 10.1 pack Red ochre plugin pack V 10.1 This renders lines useful for the composition of an image - very similar to the ones in my Composition tool plugin. Note that the golden spiral is an approximation and is normally rendered within a golden rectangle selection (1:1.618...ish).
  11. Name: Vanishing Point Description: Simply renders two lines or triangular paths. Keywords: perspective,composition,nadir,zenith,vanishing point,horizon Menu: Composition Original release date: 28th November 2016 (though I wrote it in October ) .dll name: VanishPoint Compatibility: Tested on Pdn 3.5.11 and Pdn4.0.12 Now in my 10.1 pack Red ochre plugin pack V 10.1 I wrote this to highlight perspective lines within a composition. Because plugins 'remember' their last settings it is possible to build up a guide layer of lines converging on the main vanishing points in an image. Not very exiting I'm afraid but hopefully useful. (It makes triangles too). From what I remember it is similar to tzachs 'Perspective lines' plugin? Unfortunately the link in that topic doesn't seem to lead to a download, so I don't know how similar?
  12. Another very impressive image!
  13. Make sure your original image fills the selection (in this case the whole layer). For your example try using the rectangular selection tool around the two logos, then crop to selection, then run Aardvark. Alternatively rectangle select the logos and resize the selection to fill the canvas by dragging the control handles..
  14. @E.E.R - possibly use a double slider for sizes and calculate actual size as a proportion of the selection (minimum side or diagonal)? Looks fun - cool examples Eli.
  15. I really like the second dancing cubes animation - like a futuristic combination lock for a space ship! Good work, well done.
  16. Would this help? 'ZIP' archive File Type Unfortunately the html is currently scrambled on the new forum, but the plugin itself works. Fixed by E.E.R.