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  1. Hi Scooter - I always enjoy your witticisms in the comedy thread!👍


    Some minor, possibly unwanted? feedback:

    1.  10/10 for crediting your source images.

    2.  95% for cutting/pasting and placement - I feel the cart is a little low in the image. Considering the axles would point toward the vanishing point (on the horizon L.H.S), if it's on flat ground. Excellent cutting out of the different images though!

    3.  24/32 for Lighting - an almost impossible task but you have chosen consistently lit images apart from the cat, which has rather a 'flat' light.

    4.  5/4 for blending the barley? into the cart wheels - works well!

    5. Random fraction, Are barley and pumpkins ripe at the same time? - are those snails next to the cat? ... I need an explanation!🙃

    6. 4/3 - Love the cat - reminds me of a much missed old friend.


    Overall score: 138.7

    Make another one now 🧐, I'm enjoying this art critic business... I'm being flippant, but an enjoyable, highly competent photo montage.

  2. I experimented with that square - mix- root method for Gradients Galore in 2018 but decided there was no great advantage and it looks worse for other colour mixes, so I didn't update the published version.
    It would be quite a task to use that method of mixing for all effects & operating systems too!



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  3. Many thanks Scott!:star:
    ... however, the zipped version was previously about a third the number of the installer version?🙄


    I haven't tried editing that thread for years. Is it now possible for non-admin users to add buttons without BB code or html?

    Ah, I see it now is, blue or grey! 😊


    Perhaps the CSS shadow or blur behind the size/downloads text should be removed for readability?


  4. 1. Many of the plug-in packs hosted on the forum no longer show the number of downloads?
    BoltBait's and EER's do. Pyrochild's, toe_head2001's and mine do not?
    I believe these packs are all hosted directly on the forum.


    2. I also notice there are no spaces between the 'sig' competition entries in the voting/winners sections?
    Wouldn't a one line gap between images be less visually distracting and more attractive?


  5. Thanks both for the info.


    I may investigate further when the hosting fee is up for renewal (November). Though called 'hosting.co.uk' they use German based servers, I couldn't find a uk based one!  Quite possible they'll flip the big switch anyway when the Brexit transition ends!😁

    However they are relatively cheap (£24 p.a.) and I haven't noticed any down time but they're far from user friendly for a website novice like myself.


    In the initial account details email they sent me it said (verbatim):

    "Please ignore the non-trusted SSL certificate error, when you use the domain name link.
     Our certificate is perfectly secure and the error is shown because the SSL was issued for the server hostname.
     You can add the certificate to exceptions list or ignore the error depending on the web browser you're using."


    - I'd paid by then!


    @BoltBait I didn't see anything as simple as that on my hosts' cPanel SSL wizard - the linked tutorials there seem to be written for the owners of the servers.
     I'm probably being dense ... or perhaps they'd rather sell me a certificate?

    I have no problems viewing my site generally or linked images hosted there. Reptillian's is the first report I've seen of this. As mentioned I may change host (and possibly re-write the site) but it's not currently a high priority for me.


    Thanks for your advice. ( I am a complete novice regarding html/css/php etc, so if it's not in the w3schools.com lessons,  I'm lost! )


  6. The self certificated SSL has expired and does not give an option to renew as self certificated - only to purchase.(using cPanel  via hosting.co.uk)
    Self certificated will still show a warning to site visitors and seems pointless for a simple portfolio site.
    Which free DV SSL certificate provider would you recommend? - Installing a 3rd party free one looks intimidating!
    I may contact my host when I've got a few weeks to spare... or change host in November... or just close the site.🙄

  7. Hello toe_head2001,


    I have installed these templates into VS19 successfully (thank you).

    However I've run into a problem after creating a project using the Effect<TToken> template.
    My copy of Pdn is in C:\Program Files\NEWpdn\ so I had to add missing references.
    I built the project successfully, opened Pdn and found the new effect (custom U.I. with slider), however when selecting "ConfigDialog.cs[Design]" in VS19 it shows this error:


    "The designer must create an instance of type 'PaintDotNet.Effects.EffectConfigDialog`2[[MyCustomUIEffect1.MyCustomUIEffect1Plugin, MyCustomUIEffect1, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null],[MyCustomUIEffect1.MyCustomUIEffect1ConfigToken, MyCustomUIEffect1, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null]]' but it cannot because the type is declared as abstract."    

     I'm lost! Any ideas on how to correct this would be appreciated.


    Can Build Events be added to the template? (from Null54's example in the old template thread). Great time saver if you remember to close Pdn before building.


     Pre-build [del "C:\Program Files\NEWpdn\Effects\$(TargetName).pdb"]
    [copy "$(TargetPath)" "C:\Program Files\NEWpdn\Effects" /y
    if "$(ConfigurationName)" == "Debug" copy "$(TargetDir)$(TargetName).pdb" "C:\Program Files\NEWpdn\Effects" /y]
    (NB. 'NEWpdn' would be replaced with the default location of Paint.net for the template.)

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