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  1. I tried all the stuff here and it still wont work, I moved them all around and renamed them and stuff but does anyone think they know why? EDIT: I know I haven't given much information but just know I've tried everything recommended to others it didn't work for...
  2. Great, oh and paint bucket does work it just sometimes glitches and I find it better to see what the program thinks I have tried to select before filling it with colour. Since it is another persons piece and was never designed to have colour in it there are gaps in the sketching and I have filled the entire picture blue or red on more than one occasion. Having a second layer set to multiply works great, there is still usually a bit of cleaning up around the lines to be done afterwards but not nearly as much. Thanks.
  3. Fair enough, done. How would I go about doing that?
  4. Here you go. I'd have used the sphere plug in but my computer wont accept any add-ons so...That's my signature by the way. I made it yesterday so don't complain http://i1192.photobu...tsigniature.jpg Can I change it? Only in the original creative phase I think but that messes up the pixels. Just start out with a smaller window next time then ^^
  5. Doesn't work for some reason so I select area with magic wand and press backspace. It fills it. Good enough for me.
  6. I just got PDN an my computer and have been filling in line pictures due to sheer boredom. I have noticed however that the individual lines start black in the middle and fade out to the white background, so when I use the magic wand tool to fill in an area there is grey surrounding every black line. Is there a way to make the lines trail from black to the blue I am using instead of into the white of the original picture? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also simply changing the grey into black or the filling colour makes it look either too blocky or too thin. So I have tried all that
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