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  1. ty Edit- still cant do it for some reason??? can you do anything else to help me?
  2. what plug in do you use for your clouds???? Ive been looking and i cant find, i just cant get the same look without knowing the numbers or how far on the slider (which normal clouds doesnt have) plz link or tell me how to get
  3. no i mean like on the first page near the end thejesters picture like he did the thing then added a picture on it, how did he make that? or jakes? how did he make his?
  4. Thanks and how do you make awesome lookn logos? like when people show their finished work I wanna know how they made thier logo
  5. Im a noob at this but how do you download the Good Times font? I saved it but now what? I know what to do with effects but not with fonts
  6. This sounds really dumb and yes i am new to this but how do you select each row so percectly? I read above that its not magic wand and there was something said about zooming in with rectangle select that I dont understand, can anyone help me? And also if I finish this how would I apply it to something else? like if it i was making a wooden shield how would i do that?
  7. How do you guys make awesome logos and how do you get it to look like St.Jim's, where it reflects off the bottom? St.Jim's is a few up on the bottom of the 2nd page.
  8. can u just make a small video? (sorry for replying so late i was eating dinner)
  9. how do i copy i mean like i did ctrl + A but ctrl + C wont work
  10. im stuck on step 8, what do you do to select all and copy? I inverted the colors and merged that layer with the layer u filled with black im just stuck on selecting all and copying
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