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  1. I posted this tutorial, because It's very simple.
  2. At the end of this tutorial we are make this: 1. You must create a background from this tut 2. Create a new layer. Choose "Ellipse" and make a red (#B50000) circle 3. For this layer use Effects → Blurs → Gaussian Blur, "Radius" - 60. 4. Use a "Magic Wand" and select all circle. Create a new layer. Go to Effects → Render → Clouds, than change layer Mode to Overlay. 5. Don't deselect the all circle. Go to Effects → Noise → Add Noise, and follow this setting: 6. Go to Effects → Blurs → Moition Blur, Radius" - 3. 7. Go to Effects → Photo → Glow, with this settings: 8. Take
  3. Tell about game, that you playing now, or played and you liked it
  4. Hi, here is mine: Not bad ? I add one more leyar with "Clouds" and use Effects > Distort > Dents
  5. Hi, here is myne: I make it using my own steps
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