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  1. Is there a way to change the default image file from png to jpg? I have never used png have no use for it and it is a nuisance to have to change it to jpg for every image I save.
  2. Hi, I'm about a week into using paint.net and today, after I downloaded an image from my camera. I used paint.net to make minor changes (brightness, cropping). I then clicked "view" and then "actual size" to see the full size of the pic (in case I needed to resize) before uploading it to my website. After clicking "actual size", the photo remained the same size on the screen, so I went ahead and uploaded it using my ftp software, added a description next to the photo and then went to my website to view it. Well, the picture took up almost half the screen. With my old imaging software (it is not compatible with Win 7), when I clicked "actual size", I got the actual size and could resize if needed. I loved my older software, but it is no longer available and paint.net is a poor imitation, but it's the closest I could find. So, I went back to paint net, resized the image to smaller, uploaded to my website, and now it is the correct size. Since clicking "actual size" in paint.net does not show the actual size of the image, the only way to see if the image is the size I need is to upload it, then view it from my website, and then go back to paint.net to make changes, a huge waste of time. Why is it that when I click "actual size" in paint.net, the photo size remains the same? Thanks.