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  1. That's really cool, but it kind of looks like Bullet for my Valentinf lol
  2. Oops. Just realized that was there, lol. If it's moved I'm perfectly happy, but I can't believe I'm really that stupid. Thanks for pointing it out though, and thanks for the positive feedback. EDIT: whoever moved it, thanks!
  3. Well, my tutorial hasn't exploded yet. Hope it stays that way. I've done better than this though, my personal favourite: I'm fairly sure that I did something with render clouds this time, but anyway, I love this one. Somehow it just feels a lot more realistic _
  4. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Hello, today I'm going to demonstrate how to make text look like it's written in clouds. We'll start with a simple blue background, with some different shades of blue blurred in, gaussian blur about 120. OPTIONAL: You can add in dents or render clouds on a low transparency, but here I'm keeping mine simple. Next we create our text on a new layer, write whatever you want. If there's no fire, you've done it right! Now we need to apply dents, Scale 200.00 (sorry, I went wrong writing this fir
  5. Thats the difference between the tutorial and the plugin. I prefer this, for effect and because it probably took a lot of effort! Nice tutorial!
  6. is trying to think of something to set as their status

  7. this works great in reverse on smartcars (sorry couldn't get the damn image in)
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