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  1. Hoooo weee. It's been a long time since I posted on this forum. Hee hee. Here's a long overdue post with most if not all of my new stuff. If anything needs to be resized, mods, you're more than welcome to resize them as I am too lazy to do that at the moment. Link to entire album: http://s597.photobuc...!cpZZ1QQtppZZ24
  2. Thanks Excelerate. On step 3, because the luminosity picture isn't there I was using this: And then I spotted the post on page 4 that had the original settings. I think that was the fun part was messing around the luminosity. It got me different results. Luv this tut!
  3. Sorry for the double post. I wasn't finished with the picture yet. Someone on another forum suggested adding ships to these. Here are some results I got with them. NOTE: The ships are not mine! http://i597.photobuc...pwithvortex.png http://i597.photobuc...arpwithship.png
  4. I can't figure out Step 3 because the image is missing.
  5. Thanks! I did something different with the Smudge tool and it turned out better than I expected.
  6. Here's my try: http://i597.photobucket.com/albums/tt53/Burngirl2008/Ladyofthejungle.png
  7. I love this tut! Here's more! http://i597.photobucket.com/albums/tt53/Burngirl2008/stormyvortex.png http://i597.photobucket.com/albums/tt53/Burngirl2008/artsystormyvortex.png http://i597.photobucket.com/albums/tt53/Burngirl2008/vortex1.png http://i597.photobucket.com/albums/tt53/Burngirl2008/celticswirl.png http://i597.photobucket.com/albums/tt53/Burngirl2008/redswirlysquare.png http://i597.photobucket.com/albums/tt53/Burngirl2008/warpedinpurple.png
  8. Thanks, guys! I'll post up some more when I get the time.
  9. Oooooh. I got to try! Minners71, I had no idea there was a 3d paper tut. I love the way you used it to make the image pop out more. 8D
  10. Edit: Got the glowy swirl ones up. Thanks everyone, I'll edit this post when I have more. I also have a couple Glowy swirls wrapping themselves around figures. I'll edit the post soon! NOTE: I didn't do the pictures, just the swirly lines and for some I did changed the background brightness. And here's one more from a recent tut that I gave a try:
  11. Great tut! However, I think you left some steps out like the merging in between some of the steps. Here's what I did to get the result: 7) Duplicate the layer and set it to multiply. Before the next step, I merged the layers together. 8)Twist the sphere layer at these settings: 14) On the lower layer, run effects > blur > gaussian blur at 60. 15) On the upper layer, effects > photo > glow at these settings: Before the next step, I merged the layers together. 16) Duplicate the layer and set the top one to multiply. Merge it down. For the text I did fire text tut with pinks. And I got this:
  12. I had to assume you meant 7) Duplicate the layer and set it to multiply. I merged the layers together. Then you twist the SINGLE layer that's there. So far it's looking great! I'll be able to post it up in a bit.
  13. Hello and welcome to my gallery. I've been doing paint.net for a couple years. I spend my time messing around with images and downloading plugins I like and think that I will benefit from. Sometimes I do tuts and they help me learn more about the program and the plugins that are available for download. Please take a look around and leave a constructive criticism, if any.
  14. EDIT: Resized. I just finished a redo of the background. I might post another jewel later.
  15. Here's my go after doing a couple tries to get the hang of it:
  16. I love this tut! However, the picture that shows the Luminosity settings isn't working. EDIT: After fiddling around with the Luminosity settings, I found the solution. I can't do the vortex without it. In the meantime, here's one of my earlier ones after I did a couple: http://i597.photobuc...icmadness-1.png
  17. Thanks. I'll post the second try here too. I like to do tuts because I get to learn how to use the extra effects that other people have done.
  18. I don't like resurrecting an old topic. However, I liked the tut and here's the result I got. I used the Gnommish "A" and got a different frame. When the frame was finished, I had to delete some white spots, and I think it turned out pretty cool. I used a wallpaper from Wallpaper Abyss for the jewel, and a rose in the background. However, I kind of messed around and got a background that I wasn't really pleased with so I'll give the jewel another go sometime. I hope you like it: http://i597.photobucket.com/albums/tt53/Burngirl2008/Jewel.png
  19. Wow! Really nice tutorial! I'm lovin' the results! This is my first attempt. This is my second one: Celtic Madness!
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