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  1. I've crashed a couple more times recently when trying to undo things. This time I haven't been working with multiple layers but i have been copy/pasting, moving, and drawing spline curves. I undid something after doing some combination of those things and it crashed. By the looks of the crashlog it seems to be some variant of the one from earlier... http://pastebin.com/N5s8xk8q And here's another one which I don't quite remember. http://pastebin.com/kUfkmF7z
  2. Found a pretty annoying crash bug, surprised nobody else would have encountered this. Steps to reproduce: Create a new layer Uncheck that layers visibility Move around the picture in the first layer Recheck visibility in the second layer Move around the picture in the first layer again Repeatedly undo. You'll crash as soon as you try to undo the action from step 3 It's worked every single time I've tried it.
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