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  1. I have just checked and dual screen is not configured! I'm totally baffled. Thank you all for being so patient with me, and Thanks Pyrochild, using Alt+F4 really helps, at least I don't lose all the work I have done up to the point of using this plugin. It's obviously something to do with my main pc as I also have a laptop running on the XP OS and this plugin works great on there, as it does on my son's laptop which is also Vista Home Premium OS. Maybe my pc, being about 2 years old needs a good service?
  2. Thanks Sarkut for your suggestion. I have just tried it and I'm afraid it's still not working. My screen still just freezes when I use this plug-in. Any more suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.
  3. I loved this plu-in but since paint.net updated last time, it has stopped working. It just renders a sphere on my workspace and everything freezes. The only way I can exit paint.net when this happens is to use the task manager. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the plug-in a few times and it just doesn't work anymore. I'm working on a Vista Home Premium 32bit operating system, don't have the dual screen and have read through the solution for previous problems with this plug-in, which don't seem to apply as it's not a 64bit operating system or dual screen. Not sure what to try next.
  4. This is my try. Just love the little darlings. Found this tutorial easy to follow and love the outcome. Thanks very much.
  5. Help please! I have used paint.net for a few years and I am learning slowly how the different plug-ins work. I have used the Shape 3D plug-in many times to great effect but since the last paint.net update, it has stopped working. When I use this plug-in now, I just get a sphere on my workspace and everything freezes up. The only way I can exit is to use the task manager. I have tried re-downloading this plug-in and re-installing it but still not working. I am using Windows Visa home premium 32bit operating system and paint.net v 3.5.6 Please could you possibly help me to get this plug-in
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