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  1. Awesome, that's what I was missing, I can now play around with it get some more designs made. Thank You for this and also cheers becauseilearn good plugin there I can mess about with.
  2. Thats a nice plugin, will try and implement it. My brother may have used something similar but not too sure. That's useful for keeping the creases and realism of the T-Shirt any idea how to get the Wallpaper image onto a T-shirt Template like the one shown. The use of layering is probably the answer.. I just cannot figure that part out
  3. Hi. I'm a noob and this is my first post to a simple idea I imagine, I just simply cannot do it! My brother has helped me do a design from a wallpaper using a t-shirt template, he used layering, magic wand and then just tweaked some effects. He explained how to do it (ages ago), however I cannot remember and figure out where I'm going wrong or If I need more plugins ect. I'm using the standard 3.5.6 version, no extra anything. Here's the Wallpaper and the T-Shirt design. If someone would be so kind to explain how to do it, It would be much appreciated. Here's a T-Shirt Template to start with. Thank You in advance and Sorry if this is a dumb topic or if there are any other inaccuracies with it
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