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  1. NightWish - Over the hills and far away ^_^ Luv it
  2. As Crisco said its really hard, but here it goes: Mr. Bobert, i like space scapes and such things, and i think your sig looks very awesome, with the text (like its glass) and overall. Mattzz i like your sig too but im more to SpaceScapes, but it does look very cool and i think its very welldone. My vote goes for: Mr. Bobert: 1 Matzz: 1
  3. the 24 hours thing Show me your Desktop background (on your computer/pc)
  4. Nice tutorial! My result come's in a little time
  5. Wow, I think this Tutorial is Awesome! and Meagan the Hedgefox's Looks like some Firework! but its great!
  6. Wow! I am really amazed by those awesome Planets and Galaxys! and im wondering how do you make the "Ring" that does across the Planets? I think you are so talented and you should make some more of this awesome stuff! Wups! im not bumping so its not legal am i? Sorry if i did!
  7. Wow i really think this is a ncie tutorial! here is my outcome: P.S. And i really like 2andri's result!
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