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  1. Thank-you for the replies.... I see how painting over with white could be a solution,............. but not an answer to the question. Is there an eraser and no it cannot be used. I have tried everything I can think of to make it work and it does not. Erasing is a simple straight forward thing to do so can paint.net do it or not? I know I am comparing it to a much simpler tool but this is not reasonable to my little brain that an eraser symbol is there yet it does not function AS an eraser. All I have found in this forum are work around solutions that do not apply to a simple computer copy of the simplest line drawing. Undo.......yes I see that if I want to change something after my last pencil or brush stroke I can use UNDO but what if it was 10 moves ago??? It is starting to look like this tool is not named properly as it has very little to do with drawing as apposed to manipulating photos or creating something in layers since that word is so prevalent in the responses. I am coming at this as a sketcher who still uses the old fashion messy methods,.....paper, pencils, charcoal, and paint. Anyone know of a program that would suit my needs better. Thanks again.
  2. I have been all through this forum looking for this answer and I see that several people have run in to, either the same or very similar issue. But no one has an answer...... Like many I and my daughter were introduced to a paint program through the free windows one. It gives you the ability to erase a line or several lines with one step......one click and the eraser symbol becomes a literal eraser. The eraser symbol is here and I can click it but it does nothing more than make a check board pattern.???? Why is there no straight forward erase ability when there is a straight forward ability to draw a line? And if there is why is it not as easy to find and use??? Please keep in mind I am new to this paint program so telling me to lasso this,... or cover this,... or layer that,... WITHOUT telling me how to do ALL of that is not tutoring.... Thank-You very much for your response. BradB
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