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  1. Hi @RubyTuesdei maybe you changed a setting which affects the blending of the colors. Click the Settings icon and then click the Reset button in the Tools section to get the default settings of the tools. Tell us if this solves your issue or not.
  2. Menu->Image->Canvas Size... allows you to increase or shrink the canvas on the preferred edges. Increase will use the background color to fill the added areas.
  3. Hi @richardch, first press the details button in the error dialog and paste the text here.
  4. Maybe switch off the 'Keep original alpha' checkbox?
  5. Hi @Ladybug Spraying typically requires that the tool repeats a random pixel pattern as long as the mouse button is pressed. Means that it increases the density of the pixels over the time in the brush area. Is this what you are looking for? So maybe take a look to the Brush Factory plugin.
  6. You have to switch from px to cm in the status bar. The rulers will then show cm in the top/left corner.
  7. Against which ruler? The paint.net one? The paint.net one should show 12 cm, I proposed once to implement WYSIWYG if you select 100% cm or 100% inch in the status bar but I guess that's not important for most of the users and may be confusing.
  8. I still prefer local solutions. No problem to share and publish. But Google closed so many tools over the years...
  9. There is no direct way to do it but the enlarged result could be saved on the clipboard or in a file. You may have look how the Spirit Level plugin handles the case that after rotating parts of the image are outside of the surface.
  10. There are several plugins to manipulate the alpha values of an layer. I wouldn't try to select pixels by hand. I'm sure others can provide more info... Best would be if you paste an example image containing the pasted path.
  11. Thanks for the tip. I will check this out. In the moment I think it is better to replace the table with an image to avoid the issues. The pdf can be used for copy/paste.
  12. I copied a circle from inkscape and got the following variants on the clipboard The PNG has alpha and pasting it as a new image into paint.net shows the alpha around the circle. So you could try to paste as a new layer and remove pixels with alpha < 255.
  13. Hi @Lu9, I' pretty sure that paint.net never rasterized svg from the clipboard. Typically the copy application puts different variants of the same object on the clipboard and the paste application selects the one variant which suites best. So maybe inkscape now puts an aliased variant to the clipboard (means one with an alpha channel). You may paste to a new layer and remove all pixels with an alpha value smaller than 255.
  14. @Ego Eram Reputo"that'll do pig. That'll do." ๐Ÿ˜‰ If there is some spare time... I exported the latest version of the table from LibreOffice to pdf and added it to the first post. But how can we avoid that everytime I'm editing the first post the formatting of the table will be destroyed? Next time I will add a second post just containig tables. I detected the dark mode theme at the bottom of the forum page. The table looks more ugly. Some texts are not showing in white but I'm not able to detect a rule why this is the case...
  15. You are right. Also the value type of all SliderSmallChange, SliderLargeChange, and UpDownIncrement variants must be double to avoid a cast exception. @Ego Eram ReputoThanks for adapting the table view, looks much better now. I don't know how to do it in the editor. But as always the text is rotated in the wrong direction (like on your English book spines) ๐Ÿ˜‰
  16. paint.net SetPropertyControlValue.pdfSetPropertyControlValue(object propertyName, object controlPropertyName, object propertyValue) allows to change some values of PropertyBasedControls which can not be set in the constructor. This method should be called in OnCreateConfigUI(). I compiled a table to summarize the effect of SetPropertyControlValue() to all the PropertyBase controls. T The forum sw does not support rotated text so the column headers are a little bit difficult to read. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Please tell if there are errors or if you miss something in the table. Link to the latest version of the table as pdf: paint.net SetPropertyControlValue.pdf SetPropertyControlValue Property Type, ProperyControlType Boolean, CheckBox, Default Double, Slider, Default Double, AngleChooser (11) DoubleVector, Slider DoubleVector, PanAndSlider, Default DoubleVector3, Slider, Default DoubleVector3, RollBallAndSliders Int32, Slider, Default Int32, ColorWheel Int32, IncrementButton StaticListChoice, DropDown, Default StaticListChoice, RadioButton String, TextBox, Default String, FileChooser Uri, LinkLabel, Default ControlInfoPropertyNames Value Type Id DisplayName String 0 YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES Description String 1 no (1) YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES no (2) ControlType PropertyControlType (3) 2 ButtonText String 3 no no no no no no no no no YES no no no no no UseExponentialScale bool 4 no YES no YES no no no no no no no no no no no DecimalPlaces Int32 5 no YES no YES no no no no no no no no no no no SliderSmallChange double 6 no YES no no no no no YES no no no no no no no SliderSmallChangeX double 7 no no no YES YES YES YES no no no no no no no no SliderSmallChangeY double 8 no no no YES YES YES YES no no no no no no no no SliderLargeChange double 9 no YES no no no no no YES no no no no no no no SliderLargeChangeX double 10 no no no YES YES YES YES no no no no no no no no SliderLargeChangeY double 11 no no no YES YES YES YES no no no no no no no no UpDownIncrement double 12 no YES YES no no no no YES no no no no no no no UpDownIncrementX double 13 no no no YES YES YES YES no no no no no no no no UpDownIncrementY double 14 no no no YES YES YES YES no no no no no no no no StaticImageUnderlay ImageResource 15 no no no no YES no no no no no no no no no no Multiline bool (4) 16 no no no no no no no no no no no no YES no no ShowResetButton bool 17 no YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES no no no no no no SliderShowTickMarks bool 18 no no (5) no no no no no YES no no no no no no no SliderShowTickMarksX bool 19 no no no YES YES YES YES no no no no no no no no SliderShowTickMarksY bool 20 no no no YES YES YES YES no no no no no no no no WindowTitle String (6) 21 WindowWidthScale Double (6) 22 WindowIsSizable Bool (6) 23 SliderSmallChangeZ double 24 no no no no no YES YES no no no no no no no no SliderLargeChangeZ double 25 no no no no no YES YES no no no no no no no no UpDownIncrementZ double 26 no no no no no YES YES no no no no no no no no SliderShowTickMarksZ bool 27 no no no no no YES YES no no no no no no no no Footnote String 28 YES (7) no no no no no no no no no no no no no no RangeWraps bool 29 no YES No (8) no no no no YES no no no no no no no ControlStyle SliderControlStyle 30 no YES no no no no no YES no no no no no no no ControlColors ColorBgra[] 31 no YES no no no no no YES no no no no no no no WindowHelpContentType WindowHelpContentType (6) 32 WindowHelpContent String (6) 33 AllowAllFiles Bool (9) 34 no no no no no no no no no no no no no YES no FileTypes String[] (10) 35 no no no no no no no no no no no no no YES no Notes (1) Footnote must be used for Description. Description sets the CheckBox text. (2) Footnote must be used for Description but is not implemented. Description sets the link text (not the link). (3) Not sure if the type is correct. But using SetPropertyControlValue with this type has no effect (4) False: 1 line, True: 4 lines (5) Not implemented. Iโ€™m not sure why this is missing. (6) Not available for controls (7) Sets Description for the cases where Description is used to set an other text. (8) Always wraps around (9) If no FileTypes are provided the โ€šAll Files (*.*)โ€˜ will still appear in the โ€˜Select Fileโ€˜ dialog (10) Provide an array of file extensions. I.e. new string[]{"exeโ€œ, "txtโ€œ} (11) AngleChooser has no slider. I would prefer one plus a new ControlInfoPropertyNames.SliderShow setting. I collected this during my refactoring of OptionBasedLibrary to make sure that OptionBasedControls support the functionality of PropertyBasedControls. Hope this info is also useful for you. OK, the table looks different while you are editing the topic... 18.4.2021: I copied @Ego Eram Reputotable, fixed the error mentioned by @toe_head2001, and fixed the Value Type of all SliderSmallChange, SliderLargeChange, and UpDownIncrement variants to double (a simple int raises an exception). Copy of the table removed again the formatting of the table, but the other fixes are in.
  17. @MarcOlleThe file version of the xcf file is v11 but the exe which is used to convert xcf to pdn supports only <= v3. In 2018 GIMP switched to v4. The exe just doesn't produce a pdn because of the unsupported version. That's the reason for the FileNotFoundException. You shouldn't expect a solution in the near future. GIMP always tells that XCF is not a file format to exchange images because it contains internal data structures. So every change in the version number needs special adaptations to the converter. Nobody pays for this ๐Ÿ˜‰
  18. Thanks to the Native TrackBar control it wasn't too difficult to change the appearance of the sliders in the different states. Hope you like it more than the old blue one provided from .net TrackBar. 'Hot' means the mouse hovers the slider thumb, 'Pressed' the user moves the thumb with the mouse. In 'normal' mode the thumb shows always the BackColor. If the controls shows tick marks then the thumb outline will be .pointing to the ticks bar. Also added the default value marker.
  19. Still working on refactoring of OBL to get a consistent interface for users an developers... There is a new OptionControl flag 'ReverseControlOrder' (and the same for the default UI configuration) to change the order of the sub controls. This is mostly useful if 'DisplayLabel' (old name 'Label') is used for an Optioncontrol because the NUD value is then next to the DisplayLabel (like for all the other OptionControls not showing NUDs). The screenshot on the right uses 'ReverseControlOrder'. What I really don't like are the blue thumbs on the sliders (which turns to black on hovering the thumb). It should be vice versa (especially in dark mode). But I'm not sure that I can change this. I also changed the default formatting if NUDs to use (ThousandsSeparator ? "#,##0." : "0.") + new string('#', DecimalPlaces), CultureInfo.CurrentCulture which allows the ThousandsSeparator and suppresses trailing zeros (not visible in the screenshot because I just changed it). I'm not sure if I should add a flag for this formatting.
  20. If Description is used for the visible Text then Footnote should be implemented to allow a Description below of the link text.
  21. OK this maybe a misinterpretation . It seems now that Description is used to change the visible text of the link. But clicking still calls the real link. And Footnote does nothing. I don't think its a good idea that Description has two different meanings depending on the context. ButtonText would be a better candidate IMHO.
  22. Reduced to the relevant code protected override PropertyCollection OnCreatePropertyCollection() { // Add properties of all types and control types (always the variant with minimal parameters) List<Property> props = new List<Property> { new UriProperty(PropertyNames.UriProperty, new Uri("https://forums.getpaint.net")), }; // Add rules (this list may be empty or null) List<PropertyCollectionRule> propRules = new List<PropertyCollectionRule>() { }; return new PropertyCollection(props, propRules); } protected override ControlInfo OnCreateConfigUI(PropertyCollection props) { ControlInfo configUI = CreateDefaultConfigUI(props); configUI.SetPropertyControlValue(PropertyNames.UriProperty, ControlInfoPropertyNames.DisplayName, "UriProperty - LinkLabel (Default)"); configUI.SetPropertyControlValue(PropertyNames.UriProperty, ControlInfoPropertyNames.Description, "Description..."); return configUI; } This from my PdnUiAllPropertyBasedControls test app. You know I'm refactoring OBL in parallel . So I'm also using this pluging to check which PropertyControls allow which ControlInfoPropertyNames settings. I checked which PropertyControl uses Footnote and figured out that Footnote is used only as Description for the BooleanProperty (I assume because Description is used for the text of the Checkbox and to change this would break most of the existing plugins. I would prefer a different solution. Allow ButtonText to set the text of the checkbox and if ButtonText is used then Description could get its standard meaning. but I understand that the internal code would be not so nice to implement such a solution)
  23. Setting the Description confuses the control. The link is no longer visible and the the Description Text looks destroyed (until I press Alt to male a screencopy ๐Ÿ˜‰ 2021-04-08 paint.net - UriProperty - Description hides link.png
  24. Welcome to the forum @Marilyn Moore. Please check first the orange hint on top of the topic.
  25. You can create an additional layer on the top which just contains the rotation point. For sure you can write a plugin where you can enter the points of the line from layer1 and align and rotate it against an other line on the active layer. Or yo can create one plugin to store the line points on the clipboard and use this info in a second plugin. The second plugin will remember the info in the effect token.
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