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  1. If the goal is to create the largest possible output centered on A4 then I would - paste the screenshot into a new image - Image->Resize the larger edge to 3508 and set the resolution to 300dpi - Image->Canvas Size the smaller edge to 2480 (the print size in the dialog should show now 29,7 cm x 21 cm) But typically the printer dialog is also able to do the required scaling.
  2. You changed your question. So I'm extending my answer 😉 I would create the image in the proposed size and save it as PDF (ie. via the ImPDF plugin). Because Acrobat Reader has a similar option to print to the whole paper area. But at the end the answer depends on the printer.
  3. Depends on the resolution. 300dpi 2480 x 3508 pixels. Printing depends on size of the non-printable borders of the paper which depend on the printer. So you have to reduce the width and height of the image by these margins OR use the PrintIt plugin which allows you to select the whole paper (Layout->Paper Area->Use whole paper area).
  4. Menu->Image->Canvas Size is the operation inverse to crop
  5. I'm just recovering ImZip filetype and adding new features. During tests I stumbled over a strange issue. Assuming an image with a red Background layer and a green Layer2. All Layers are using blendmode=normal and opacity=255. If the Background layer is set to invisible then the preview window shows just the checkerboard and not the green composite image. The preview shows the green image if the Background layer is set to visible. If I press save and load the zip later then the green composite is visible. Because (as far as i know) the save method uses the load method to create the preview output there shouldn't be a difference between preview and what you get if you are opening the file. I dumped the layers and their attributes just before the save method returns the new document and there was no difference in the values. I tested also with the old plugin version in the ImZip thread and this variant shows the same behavior. Any idea if this is a plugin or a paint.net issue? Do I miss something?
  6. You may use the ImZip filetype plugin to save the layers as separate files in a zip archive.
  7. That's just a no and not a concept or solution. Duplicates are no solution. I provided a proposal but we could also just give up shared libraries in paint.net. That's fine. I totally accept that you do not like that there is an other dll in the application folder but this was the way to go years ago. In my own real world applications I'm always placing all dlls in a separate folder to keep the application folder simple.
  8. A shared library is not a paint.net plugin. It is more like the standard paint.net dlls. To locate the shared library it needs a unique location. paint.net evolves. That's great. And for sure some more complex plugins will fail for different reasons. That's normal. If there is no concept for i.e. shared libraries then developers are looking for solutions which make sense at the current state of the application. I.e. if all plugin folders would be placed in a single root folder 'plugins' then the shared library could be in this folder. 5 years ago the plugins root folder was the application directory.
  9. You may use ImZip file type plugin. It creates a file for each layer and puts them in a zip file. But the individual layer files are not merged with the background layer.
  10. It's the only way to avoid copies in the Effects and Filetype folder. These kind of libraries are more extensions of the standard libraries. That's a standard design pattern. 😉 But that's just my opinion.
  11. Just a hint: SetWindowTheme(xxx.Handle, "DarkMode_Explorer", null); allows to switch on dark mode of forms and controls (i.e. buttons). Is also adapts scrollbars (i.e. of richtextbox or form). You still have to set BackColor and ForeColor. using System.Runtime.InteropServices; [DllImport("uxtheme.dll", SetLastError = true, ExactSpelling = true, CharSet = CharSet.Unicode)] public static extern int SetWindowTheme(IntPtr hWnd, string pszSubAppName, string pszSubIdList);
  12. Windows 10 allows to set the color of the active window title bar (AccentColor). The issue is that in dark mode the inactive title bars are much to light. To solve this you may add the AccentColorInactive key to the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\DWM\ I'm using AccentColorInactive=0xff595448 (together with an pale dark blue accent color). The value has to be provided in ABGR. So 0xffff0000 is blue. No reboot is required. Just activate and deactivate your windows.
  13. If people like @BoltBait and @Ego Eram Reputo think it is a mess to use OBL then there is the general question whether it makes sense to continue the development or not. It's not a big loss for me to stop the paint.net variant because I'm using most components of the lib for other applications. I just don't like to spend time if I have to fight against others in the forum. So what do you think?
  14. Nobody forces you to use it. If your effects are based on just a few settings then there is no need to do it. Be happy with the built-in PropertyBasedLibrary. There was never a public version, people just used it because there was a need. But if there is no support then there will be no public version in the future.
  15. .NET will search in different places and if will also look in the folder of the dll. It's just not a good idea to store copies of libraries everywhere.
  16. OptionBasedLibrary should always be placed in the paint.net folder and not in Effects or FileTypes. Windows dll search mechanism may be confused if the dll and dlc is not in the right place (and only there).
  17. Hi @Parbuster, if you are looking for an application to manage or organize your images then paint.net is not the tool to do this. paint.net allows you to create and edit images. It doesn't promise to do anything else. Maybe check out 'Magix Photo Manager'.
  18. I'm not sure that I can repro your case. If I'm selecting something and switch to the 'Move Selection' tool then the tool remembers the ratio. Pressing shift while dragging a corner adapts the selection to this ratio. If you change the ratio in this situation without shift then shift will still adapt to the original ration (which makes sense for me). So the selection tools define the ratio and the 'Move Selection' tool adapts to this ratio it if you are pressing shift.
  19. It looks like that you prefer to see them in an aquarium. I really like your sig.
  20. I'm so used to a trackpad that I really have issues if I'm forced to use a mouse...
  21. I guess 6 years ago, I got a Wacom Intuos Pro Wireless. I tried to use it in paint.net but it wasn't working properly (same with gimp and inkscape)(Win 7). After a short while the tablet found its rest somewhere in the cellar. Yesterday I got it again in my hands (searching for something different) and thought I should give it a try. After loading the battery and installing drivers it worked immediately on Win 10. The functionality in paint.net is limited (as we know) but the drawing is smooth. Win 10 offers hand writing for different kind of applications and the the detection rate is quite good for me. Really surprised that the battery survived 6 years without loading. Not so surprised that it works much better now in paint.net 😉 Let's hope that Rick finds some time to implement pressure sensitivity in the future.
  22. Hi @Alexey Lakutin. I can not reproduce this. Maybe post your Settings->Diagnostics to check if there is something special. If your are using a tool which catches and manipulates keyboard input then switch it off and test again.
  23. If there is some time left I will create a gif. The UGEARS models are really cool, the biggest issue is that the rubber-bands are dying after one or two years. I will show some of the models in the construction zone. Still thinking about some paint.net Maker tools which work together with the cutter.
  24. @Pixey⚠️Construction Zone⚠️ matched my 5 years gap. Thanks for the hint.
  25. Little bit off topic but the 'Insects' topic reminded me that I just assembled the UGEARS model 'Butterfly'. The rubber-band 'motor' allows the butterfly to flap the wings. I'm using a Brother ScanCutter to create puzzles and other paper models. Be inspired 😉
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