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  1. The average in the last years was a little bit less than 50% (regarding national polls). But it really depends on the topic so the range is 40% to 60%.

    There is also something special. To win a national poll you need the majority of votes and the majority of cantons (A canton is similar like Scotland in the UK). So a canton with a larger population can not easily dominate the others.

    In Solothurn city the turnout was quite high this time because we also decided about a new city president (the old one - who was quite popular -  leaded the city the last 24 years). Now the first time a left-center woman got the job. Let's see how she will perform. 🙂


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  2. Four times a year there is an election in Switzerland.

    This time we could decide about seven different topics in Solothurn (16'000 residents).

    Personally I opened around 900 envelopes in 4 hours and presorted the 7 different ballot papers (new record on my side 😉)

    Then it took us (30 people) three more hours to finish counting of the votes.


    BTW: Because there was this discussion about same-sex marriage in an other topic.

    The law in Switzerland already allowed this, but people collected enough signatures to ask the people in an election. Now 64% voted pro.


  3. 8 hours ago, otuncelli said:

    Turns out Adobe Reader doesn't like the way I embed PDN's layer & document configuration into the PDF. Foxit Reader and Mozilla don't have a problem with it though. I'll add an option to disable this.


    That's a bad idea. You should not allow to create PDFs which do not seem to be conform with the PDF specification (just because a tool doesn't complain).

    You have to run conformance tests especially if you like to support PDF/A-1b and PDF/A-2.


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  4. @AndrewDavidIMHO this question is far beyond Codelab. Codelab creates PropertyBesedEffects. This is the most simple way to create an effect plugin.

    You can not just create a dialog, add some controls and tell paint.net to use it. You have to derive a new dialog from the paint.net one.

    You have to create an EffectToken which is used to transport settings from the dialog to the render function and to setup the controls in the dialog.

    You can do this but if you are not experienced with the basic concepts of effect plugins then it will take some time.

    You should first check the source code of an existing plugin to understand the flow of data, the  start making small modification by adding a new control.

    It's just not the best time during the switch to .net 5.

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  5. I wouldn't create an intermediate Bitmap. Just create a new BitmapLayer and set the pixels in a loop

                var layer = new BitmapLayer(pixelWidth, pixelHeight);
                layer.Surface[column, row] = ...

    We just discussed what may be the fastest way to set the surface data from a raster.



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  6. There was one issue. Maybe someone could provide a hint.

    Adding the icon to the resource always created code with the icon type byte[]. Means I couldn't use it as StaticImage. At some point I gave up and edited the .resx file (it's a text file) and changed there byte[] to Bitmap. This worked. The created .cs file got this type and I was able to use it as StaticImage. This is only an issue in the .net 5 environmment.


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