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  1. Added support for the G'MIC-Qt "Apply" button. Allow the clipboard layer to have a different size than the Paint.NET document. File version updated to
  2. Paint.NET checks for missing files on startup and prompts the user to repair its installation. The .config file is used by the .NET Framework and the .pdb file provides @Rick Brewster with more detailed crash information. The following post on the Paint.NET blog provides more information about how PdnRepair works.
  3. The Paint.NET version of G'MIC-Qt is not intended for use by other applications, so if another application is using it I will not let that stop me from making any changes. I am currently investigating how to make the Apply button work like in GIMP or Krita, where it shows a preview on the canvas (like most other PDN plugins). The one issue with this is that after you press Apply the plugin cannot be canceled, you would have to use undo in the History window after the plugin closes.
  4. It appears that a certain commercial image editor will be updated to use the Paint.NET G'MIC executable because the G'MIC authors are no longer distributing compiled versions of the G'MIC-Qt standalone app on Windows. I tried to tell one of the developers of that program that I will be changing how Paint.NET communicates with the G'MIC executable in a future version. But it appears that they think it is easier to use my Paint.NET executable than to do the correct thing and build the standalone version from source. 😕
  5. Click the Settings tab in the GitHub Web UI and toggle the Issues checkbox that is located under Features.
  6. My guess is that you are missing the MSVCRT10.DLL that the plugins require, you can download it from The Plugin Site. Once downloaded place it in the Paint.NET Effects folder with PSFilterShim.exe.
  7. Dragging and dropping requires the browser to save the image to a temporary file before Paint.NET can load it. It appears that Firefox is saving the image as a BMP file instead of a PNG. Dragging and dropping does not work with Chrome or IE, it appears that they use clipboard formats that Paint.NET does not support.
  8. Updated to the February 7 2019 release of DirectXTex. Reduced memory usage when saving mip maps with transparency. File version updated to
  9. That is not a DDS file, it may be a custom format that uses the DDS file extension. You should try asking on a forum for the simulator program you are using, there may be a way to convert the images to a standard format.
  10. Allow Paint.NET's "Super Sampling" to be used when down-scaling the mip map images, file version updated to
  11. @Rick Brewster posted his 2019 roadmap in the following thread.
  12. Updated to use WebP version 1.0.2, file version updated to
  13. I was cautiously optimistic, but with all of the plugins that were released this year I could not be sure that I would win.
  14. Congratulations to everyone. 😃 I am surprised at winning the Plugin of the Year award. The G'MIC plugin would not have been possible without the work of Sébastien Fourey (the main author of the G'MIC-Qt front-end) and David Tschumperlé (the author of the G'MIC-core, a.k.a. @G'MIC on this forum). I am not sure why someone would nominate me for the newest mod award, but it is funny that @Rick Brewster won the banned award.
  15. It sound like you need to run the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to remove the leftover data from the previous Paint.NET installation. The following instructions are quoted from
  16. From what I can find on Google that animation format is a BMP file with a different file extension. Try changing the file extension to .BMP, and see if that allows Paint.NET to read it.
  17. Updated the Photoshop Pattern FileType and PSFilterPdn to the latest version.
  18. It appears that the PSB file may be corrupt.
  19. Updated to G'MIC version 2.4.5, file version updated to
  20. Updated to G'MIC version 2.4.4, file version updated to
  21. I managed to get G'MIC-Qt version 2.4.3 compiling with Visual Studio, and the Stylize filter rendering time dropped from 32 seconds to 2 seconds for the same image. 😲