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  1. Updated to G'MIC version 2.5.5, file version updated to
  2. The resource file must use en-GB for the culture name, e.g. PaintDotNet.Strings.3.en-GB.resources.
  3. The plugin uses features that require Paint.NET 4.1.6, it will not work with older versions. Does it appear in Settings > Plugin Errors.
  4. Updated to G'MIC version 2.5.4 and added high-DPI icons. File version updated to
  5. From the Popular Feature Requests:
  6. Updated to G'MIC version 2.5.3, file version updated to
  7. It is included in the downloads linked to in the first post of this thread.
  8. Updated to G'MIC version 2.5.2. Show a warning for unimplemented output modes.
  9. You have to set the AboutDialog.TranslationCredit.Visible resource to 1 in order for the translators name to be visible. Quoting the AboutDialog.TranslationCredit.Visible description.
  10. You have to place DdsFileTypePlus.dll, DdsFileTypePlusIO_x86.dll and DdsFileTypePlusIO_x64.dll in the FileTypes folder. Paint.NET does not search sub-folders when it loads Effects and FileTypes.
  11. Could you post a screenshot of your filetypes folder?
  12. Where did you install the plugin?
  13. Updated to the March 11 2019 pre-release build of G'MIC 2.5.0. File version updated to
  14. Updated to the March 6 2019 pre-release build of G'MIC 2.5.0.
  15. You are running version 1.5.2 the latest version is 1.5.3. I made some changes in 1.5.3 that should help me locate the cause of the crash.
  16. Added a more descriptive error message for the crash reported by @lifeday in the following post. As I have been unable to reproduce the crash, this should hopefully provide the information I need to fix it. File version updated to
  17. The new icons look great. How does the DPI scaling affect the icons used by Effect plugins? I assume that the plugin icons would remain 16x16 pixels and the built-in Effect and Adjustment icons would scale with the rest of Paint.NET, but I do not have a high DPI display to check. Is there a supported method for plugin authors to detect the current DPI and provide an appropriately scaled icon?
  18. It is available now. 😃 Updated to the February 27 2019 pre-release build of G'MIC 2.5.0, file version updated to
  19. As @Rick Brewster previously stated, we cannot give you legal advice and you will need do your own research into the relevant laws.
  20. I can provide the current G'MIC beta, but as the beta releases are not tagged in git I will not be notified when a new beta is released.
  21. Improved performance when transferring the output image from G'MIC-Qt. Prevent the 32-bit version of G'MIC-Qt from attempting to load images larger than 4GB. File version updated to The 4GB limit on 32-bit is a sanity check to prevent issues when calculating the total image size, in case someone is using it with the 64-bit version of Paint.NET. Even the 64-bit version of G'MIC-Qt fails to load images that size. I am not able to reproduce that crash, but I did get a few memory access errors when trying to load images > 3GB in size.
  22. Released a new build of version to fix a potential data-loss issue with the communication between G'MIC-Qt and Paint.NET.
  23. Added support for the G'MIC-Qt "Apply" button. Allow the clipboard layer to have a different size than the Paint.NET document. File version updated to