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  1. Now. 🙂 Updated to G'MIC version 2.6.2.
  2. The plugin has not been updated to 2.6.2 yet.
  3. While testing my WebP FileType I discovered that the metadata saving code has never worked due to a .NET Framework issue. Because the framework cannot natively marshal a structure containing variable length arrays, the C++ code would read garbage instead of the correct metadata. I have no idea why that never caused a crash. 😕 Fortunately, this issue is relatively easy to fix by using a custom marshaler.
  4. @Woodsy The crash indicates that Paint.NET is not receiving the data the G'MIC plugin is sending, but I am not able to reproduce it. The only suggestion I have is to try reinstalling the plugin.
  5. Mozilla forgot to renew a certificate, so now all Firefox add-ons are disabled. ☹️
  6. Updated the WebP filetype to the latest version.
  7. Corrected the handling of color profile metadata. Simplified the save configuration dialog and converted it to IndirectUI. File version updated to
  8. Updated to G'MIC version 2.6.1.
  9. The normal approach for a plugin that uses its own preview window is to have the configuration dialog render the final result to a Surface that is stored in the effect token. If the plugin is called as a repeat effect you would perform rendering in OnSetRenderInfo instead of the configuration dialog. That way the plugin can do the rendering however it needs to and Paint.NET will use its multi-threading when copying to the destination in Render. You can look at the OnSetRenderInfo and Render implementations in G'MIC for an example of how this is done.
  10. I will update when it is finalized.
  11. This is a known issue with the GDI+ library that Paint.NET uses to load JPEG images.
  12. The demo CD that contains all of the presets is 50Mb, with most of that being ~35Mb of AVI files. The Photoshop plugin is linked to further up on the page, search for "posterity" and you will find it. 😀
  13. @Ego Eram Reputo GenesisVFX is also an 8bf plugin that can be run in PSFilterPdn. It is available at
  14. Updated to G'MIC version 2.5.7 Add support for reading Bitmaps with alpha from the clipboard.
  15. Brush Factory can load Adobe® Photoshop® brushes without needing to install that plugin.
  16. The source code download includes a compiled binary in the bin folder, but you need a CodeProject account to download it. The snipping tool places a CF_BITMAP, CF_DIB and CF_DIBV5 on the clipboard. Edit: It appears that using a black border is causing Paint.NET to incorrectly detect the CF_DIB as having premultiplied alpha. When any other border color is used it sets the alpha channel to 255.
  17. Updated to G'MIC version 2.5.6 Synchronize the release versions with G'MIC.
  18. The file must be renamed to use the DDS2 file extension. That error message indicates that Paint.NET is using its built-in DDS support instead of this plugin.
  19. Paint.NET should work with a graphics tablet, but pressure sensitivity is not (currently) supported.
  20. It sounds like some of the filters may be missing a required file.
  21. My Soft Proofing Effect allows the current layer to be exported as a CMYK TIFF. It is intended to allow users to preview how the current layer would look when printed and then export the layer after converting it to the specified color profile.
  22. Translations must be placed in the Paint.NET installation directory, see Also, the translation filename is incorrect as I stated in post #2 it should be named PaintDotNet.Strings.3.en-GB.resources.
  23. Updated to G'MIC version 2.5.5, file version updated to
  24. The resource file must use en-GB for the culture name, e.g. PaintDotNet.Strings.3.en-GB.resources.