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  1. I fixed the issue in DDS FileType Plus version 1.9.7.
  2. Fixed a bug that would cause Paint.NET to hang when saving DXT1 images, file version updated to
  3. Updated the WebP FileType to the latest version.
  4. That error indicates the WIC does not recognize the file format. It may be that the file uses an unsupported TIFF version, or is some other format masquerading as a .tif file.
  5. Updated to G'MIC version 2.7.1.
  6. Fixed the cancellation support and improved metadata handling on Paint.NET 4.2.1. Reduced memory usage when saving. Added a 3.5.11 and 4.0.X compatible FileType as a separate download.
  7. Thanks for the notification. Updated to G'MIC version 2.7.0.
  8. The plugin was causing Paint.NET to crash See the following thread for more information.
  9. Someone on GitHub has modified my DDS FileType Plus plugin so that is can be used by other .NET applications. I found the project name and description amusing.
  10. My guess is that the file has been extracted from a Konami game archive, and that the extractor wrote the file to disk using its original name without decoding the proprietary format the archive file entries use. Googling "WESYS" game archive comes up with a bunch of hits for Konami games, including several descriptions of the format. The "WESYS" file entry format appears to consist of a 16 byte header followed by the zlib-compressed file data.
  11. Could you upload one of the DDS files? I am wondering if the files are a different format with a DDS file extension.
  12. When the final version is released.
  13. That would make sense if the image contains some unsupported metadata. In that case Paint.NET would load the image data and skip the metadata (because it is not PNG format metadata).
  14. Updated the WebP filetype to the latest version.
  15. Updated to use WebP version 1.0.3, file version updated to
  16. Updated to G'MIC version 2.6.7. Changed the clipboard reading code to use the Paint.NET 4.2 clipboard service.
  17. NVIDIA released their new RTX 2070 Super cards today, and EVGA sold out before I could buy one.