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  1. I was able to read some of the layers using Irfanview with the ImPDN plugin. I uploaded a zip file with the extracted layers: The thumbnail is a PNG image that is located in a different part of the file than the layer data.
  2. That would most likely depend on how the game you are trying to modify uses normal maps. A tutorial for Skyrim character model normal maps can be found here. Normal maps are a method of applying bump mapping on 3D models, see In Skyrim normal maps are used by many model types: character, tree, weapon etc. That option is only relevant when creating or editing cube maps, it should be left unchecked for other texture types.
  3. The Windows Store version requires FileType plugins to be installed into <Documents>\ App Files\FileTypes. See for more information.
  4. Fixed a crash when saving empty layers, file version updated to .
  5. According to this post on the NVIDIA forum you can change the language using a registry setting.
  6. You would have to create the UI in Visual Studio using Windows Forms.
  7. You could use the DirectXTex texconv utility, it is a command line tool for converting to/from the DDS formats.
  8. It is a limitation of Paint.NET's Effect plugin API. Effects can only see the currently active layer, and cannot create new layers or images.
  9. Fixed an error when saving EXIF metadata with zero items. Fixed a potential memory leak when loading WebP images.
  10. I thought the same. Rest in Peace, @Woodsy
  11. Upgraded DirectXTex to the October 17, 2019 release. Add a PluginSupportInfo attribute. Changed the 32-bit/x86 build to use the SSE2 instruction set. File version updated to
  12. The DDS header includes that information, along with the number of mipmaps, texture type, etc. See the TexMetadata structure for details on the metadata that DirectXTex provides.
  13. The Intel® Texture Works Plugin for Photoshop® does not show any of that information either. The DDS plugin does not give any format information to Paint.NET. That can be solved with a file naming scheme that describes the file type. For example, Skyrim textures use suffixes that describe the texture type, _n for normal maps, _g for glow maps etc.
  14. Do you have a screenshot of your Effects folder?
  15. You should be able to overwrite the files in your Effects folder with the files from the latest version. After downloading the latest version of the plugin, copy Gmic.dll and the gmic folder into the Paint.NET Effects folder. Windows will prompt you to replace the existing files.
  16. What version of Paint.NET are you using?
  17. Are you copying another layer from your Paint.NET Document? I noticed when testing version 2.7.4 that the clipboard code used by plugins was not seeing an image (copied from Firefox) that the main application could paste, but it worked fine if I pasted the image into a new document and copied it from within Paint.NET.
  18. Should the FileType templates provide a working example? The PropertyBasedFileType template currently has OnLoad return null, which will cause to show an error dialog.
  19. Copy the bottom layer that you want to use to the clipboard. The currently selected layer will be used as the top layer. Also, plugin questions should be posted in the plugin thread.
  20. Updated to G'MIC version 2.7.4.