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  1. Sorry for the delay, been gone for a while due to real life being annoying @Beta : love the new effect, the angle really adds to it =D
  2. I actually really like the effect that you get if you stop after step 15. Im not totally sure what it is but i really like the way that looks lol
  3. @Beta The effect on the "near" text is actually quite striking, i like it =) The "far" one seems a little blurred out to me, but that might just be the resolution of the image. @Welsh Thanks =) I had to go up and make sure i shift clicked too so.. ;P @Doughty Thicker fonts can work well, but the emphasis ends up more on the shadow than the "roundness" of the text. you end up with a sort of "rounded edges" effect on the text itself, which in itself is quite a unique and fun looking effect.
  4. You dont have to do each letter individually. Shift-clicking with default magic wand does the same thing as global magic wand (if that is the step you are talking about)
  5. @RedOchre Love the 2nd one, it really pops out at me! Also, fixed the left/right thing.. cant believe i missed that, thanks! The suggestions are awesome too, ill definately include them next time. @doughty i didnt think the shading would work as well for wide text areas like that but the effect you have there looks really cool!
  6. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Hello all Found a nice looking 3dish text effect, its very simple but I think the effect is nice. ^To that effect, if admin types feel that this is better placed in the beginner tut forum, go ahead and move it ^ Ok! So.. on to the tut! Plugins you will need : Zero. None. Zip. Fonts used (optional) : http://fontzone.net/font-details/copperplate-gothic-bold If you follow this tut to the letter, you will make this : However, this is only an example of a basic way to do this, please remember that experminentation and deviation are the best ways to find new things and have fun on PDN 😃 Ok! Step by Step : Step 1 : The Background You can essentially pick anything, but for this tut im using a simple color gradiant from #606060 at the bottom left to #808080 by the top right. The Size of the image we will be creating for the tut is 1024x200 Step 2 : The Base Text You can use essentially any font, but for the tut im using Copperplate Gothic Bold. Make a New Layer, name it "Base Text" Create your desired text, in whatever color you wish. Note: Initial text should be a few shades darker than you want your final result to be, although messing with curves can fix colors when you are done. For the above image i used 84 pt font in #404040 The Image So Far : Step 3 : The Shadow Duplicate your text layer, call the new layer Shadow Select the area inside all the text letters simultaneously ( Tool, Hold SHIFT and left click on a letter) Color selected area black (still on shadow layer) ( , SHIFT + Left Click) Move Shadow layer underneath base text layer Select All (Still on shadow layer) Using , move to the Left 5 pixels (i just hit the left arrow key 5 times) Run Gaussian Blur (Effects - Blurs - Gaussian) at 5 (or the same as the distance you moved the shadow layer) Deselect The Image So Far : Step 4 : Shading the text Select the Base Text Layer Run Glow on Radius 6, Brightness 10, Contrast 10 (Radius should be 1 more than the blur on shadow) Duplicate Base Text Layer, and call the new layer Shading Run Emboss at 45 Change Layer Blend mode to Overlay Select the Base Text Layer Select all the text again, same way as last time Select the Shading layer Press CTRL - I to invert selection Delete selection Finally, Run Gaussian blur on the shading layer at strength 2 (again, may change based on text size) The Final Image : Moving on from here : This is by no means the end of what you can do with it, but this is the base effect that the tut is for. A quick example of what i've done with this is below 😃 Hope you guys found the tutorial useful, C&C is appreciated as i am still new to tutorial making. Remember, feel free to play around and have fun! I'd love to see what you all do with it 😃
  7. @red : the gargoyle had my focus for so long that the eye actually made me jump >.<! This one started when a friend messed around with liquefy on photoshop, and came up with http://i50.tinypic.com/2hnu8u8.png He then gave it to me and said: "Paint net it plox" So.. i did..
  8. Hey again guys, Sorry for the delay, i lost my USB that had ALL my images on it Dx !!! Il post some new stuff when i get home, theyr all on my main comp. Pattrick i LOVE that last one, stared at it for ages trying to figure out all the pictures inside pictures inside pictures inside.. welll you get the idea. Ella that gold one is stunning! any hints on how you did it? Oh, and to anyone who knows: how do i start a gallery the.. PROPER.. way?? (embarrassed)
  9. Ah, sorry bout that Tiharo, i like the use of recoloured Julia fractal on that last one, nice effect! Also, the Bird/phoenix on that first one was crazy, how did you make it? BarbieQ i like that 2nd one, really clean gold line, and do i see your jewel tut a lil bit in the centre there?
  10. Hi Everyone, Ive been a long time lurker here at the forums, and i thought it was about time i posted some of my shtuff. i almost exclusively make abstracts, and they are ALL 100% PDN. For now i am just resizing them in the reply window, if there is a better way let me know! C&C appreciated Elektro Stikz: Stasis: The Watchers: Apple:
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