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  1. For anyone running into this problem in the future, it is with the way Windows tries to help you. It wasnt PDN, it wasnt the faxviewer, it wasnt the browser, even though that is actually WHERE the problem was. W7's color management was tweaking the way firefox was displaying colors! When I took a screenshot then dropped it into PDN, the color was already corrupted as displayed in the browser. If you opened the PNG in fax viewer it would tweak it more because of the settings in the color management program. *- What I did was open "color management" (in W7, click the windows start icon and type "color management") *- Click on the "Advanced" tab *- Click "Change System Defaults" (this pops up a 2nd window) *- in the "Devices" tab I clicked "ADD" (you can chose from different profiles) *- I chose the "wsRGB.cdmp", then hit OK *- then press "Set as Default Profile" *- then goto the "advanced" tab (in this popup not the original) *- changed all the settings to match this: (I am sure i only needed to change one or 2, but it works and I dont care!) *- Then restart your browser and it should work!! . . . Note: unchecking the "Use Windows display calibration" didnt make a difference by itself, but might have helped. ALSO: that "Viewing conditions profile" changed the fax viewer image but not the browser. If you want to go through and test to find where exactly the browser is effected cool, but I dont do anything on this machine to do with colors except webdesign, so I am not worried about what did what! thanks again to those who tried to help above, I do appreciate it! --will
  2. Thanks for all those that are trying to help. Here is some more info: I used W7's color manager and changed nothing until I got to the color slides... I dropped the red a little, but no idea how much, and got the red to match perfect with the color I need!! After playing with the color manager yesterday my color came out: #8EABE0, the color I need is: #72A8EC, Just dropped my red a little right now and got: #72A7EB I can live with this, and most likely will just learn what I need to do to tweak the colors to come out with the color I need, but if anyone knows a more exact science (other than sliding your RGB with a mouse in the color manager, I would REALLY appreciate it!! I will even click on your "this guy is really helpful" button!! --will
  3. No, not the save for web, it was a color management program that was specifically by adobe. I found one for W7, and ran it, but all it did was make the colors more red. I see that the monitor itself renders the colors fine, i even took a screenshot and dropped one into Paint.NET and one into MSPaint. They both took the exact same color in the eyedropper, and it was the color that I need for the website. I saved both as a PNG and they both tweaked the PNG to the same degree, both coming out a little more red than I want. I am guessing there is some frekn stupid reason that my computer thinks I want every thing tweaked a little, and after I did the color management thing it boosted my red for me thinking that I like things saved with a red tint, but in all actuality, I want exactly what I see on my screen!! hard to imagine for W7 I am sure, but I work in a web environment and not in an in based environment, so when I see #72A8EC and make a picture with #72A8EC I really seriously, honestly want that pic to be #72A8EC!! I am thinking more and more this is a W7 issue, but I dont know where to go with it, I have searcehed all over the web and all i can find is how to tweak your colors to match external colors, like with a spider thing, but what I really want is to just make #72A8EC look like #72A8EC after I save it. If anyone knows how or where to find this, let me know! thanks ;-)
  4. I did a test and think you are right pyrochild, that is what I was thinking in my original post I need to match a graphic already on the page so I cant really make up new colors to go with it. Here is the situation: 72A8EC - the color i need. 48A6F4 - the color I use to get 72A8EC in a JPG So I save a JPG with 48A6F4. Open it in "Windows Photo Viewer", take a screenshot and paste it into Paint.NET and it shows 72A8EC. I open the PNG in PN and it shows the color as 48A6F4 (Same PNG I just took a screen shot of using photo viewer) Then I take a screenshot of the PNG while it is in PN and paste it into a new file and the screenshot shows 48A6F4. I have had identical problems with photoshop on my other computer, but that computer had some EXE that you run to fix it. I have never had any other paint program on this computer, and so I have no idea how to fix it. This is a W7 machine, does it have its own color management?!? or is there something that PN does? it seems to be rendering OK in PN, but once you take it into a windows environment it makes the jump. (EDIT: PNGs not JPGs)
  5. DOH!! I tried again using a PNG, and it is STILL changing the colors on me! The color I need is 72A8EC, the color it gives me is 8EABE0. I decided to try and add/subtract to figure it out, and after a few tries found that i needed to -34 red, -2 green, and + 4blue (48A6F4). When I save it I select the 32-bit option. Is there a trick to force the PNG to keep a particular color in the pallet like PhotoShop does for GIFs? (select pixels that you want PS to force the pallet to keep)
  6. http://www.getpaint.net/download.html'>http://www.getpaint.net/download.html is showing 3.5.5 updated april 25, 2010, same with http://www.getpaint.net/ and I dont know where to find the built-in updater...
  7. A trick i like to use is to resize the picture slightly then back again. This will give you a softer edge to the pixulations. In this particular case I would copy the pixulated portions to another image, use the wand to remove all the white, then delete out the text. Working with a transparent background allows you greater flexibility later. When I am left with only the bear and the title, copy the whole thing to the clipboard (ctrl+C), then reduce the size slightly, maybe 10 pixels, then back up to the original size. This will soften the edges of the whole thing, even the bears face. This is where the (Ctrl+C) comes in handy. Add a new layer and paste the picture back. Then use the eraser to cut the edges off the bear and the title. Flatten the image and copy/paste the text in from the other pic.
  8. I was able to mess around with the colors to get it where the color change was close enough for my purposes, but I wish that you didnt need to try and trick it into making the colors you see on the canvas. The problem with PNG is that stupid browsers (old IE) cant render them properly. If it was for me on my computer there isnt a problem, but it is for a website and I dont want to say, well, we need to tell all the users to upgrade their browser so that the page renders properly.
  9. I am having trouble figuring out how to match colors from a website into a pic that will go on that website. If i do a screenshot of a page to get the color I want, saving it as a JPG or GIF will make the color slightly off so when I add the pic to the website it doesnt match the background. I can use the eyedropper to grab a color, I can write the CSS/HTML to exactly match the color Paint.NET says it is, or even use colorzilla (firefox) to grab the color off the page, but when I use the color to make a graphic (supposed to blend in to the background), it comes out slightly off. You can take a screen shot of the graphic inserted and you can see the difference. It looks fine as you work with it, but when you save it out, it changes. (I know about dithering and JPG compression, and such, this isnt it, even if it is a single solid color it will do it) I know in Photoshop there is some EXE that runs that forces the colors to change on purpose (still never understood why they do that) but this machine has no such program installed nor never had it! the only graphic program on here is Paint.NET. Does Paint.NET do something like that? I looked around and couldnt find anything like that. (I did a search and didnt find anything similar to my problem, if you know of a thread that deals with it, I dont mind if you send me there, thanks!)
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