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  1. Hey,

    I have a somewhat new Windows 7 x86 computer with Paint.NET v3.58. Some fonts in Paint.NET do not have a preview, and the fonts that do have a preview aren't aliased, they're all pixellated. When I try to load a font without a preview, Paint.NET crashes and pdncrash.log is placed on my desktop, which I have attached to this post. The fonts that do have a preview when previewed in the picture and not the font drop-down menu are only anti-aliased at certain huge sizes, in other words, not pixelated but smooth.

    Please try to help.


    Saint Rome

    (if you're wondering why pdncrash is a txt file not a log file, that's because I changed it in order to include it in this post--log files apparently aren't permitted)


  2. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


    Hmph, I couldn't fit this topic into any other forums. I thought about what category the image fits into the most, and I realized, "Hey, this kind of looks like metal!" so I decided to put it into Textures.

    This is my first tutorial (and my first post boltbait.big_smile.png ). Hope you enjoy the texture as much as I do.



    Plugins needed:





    1. Effects > Render > Weave with these settings:


    2. Effects > Distort > Dents Settings:


    3. Adjustments > Curves Settings:


    4. Effects > Render > Clouds settings:


    5. Curves again with the same settings.

    6. Optional Go to Curves and color.

    Hope you enjoy that effect. :3

    Note: This is not the best effect I have made. I will later on post more effects.