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  1. Thanks so much Rick! Although I actually ended up uninstalling an update not installing an update...either way, it worked! Thanks Saint Rome
  2. Hey, I have a somewhat new Windows 7 x86 computer with Paint.NET v3.58. Some fonts in Paint.NET do not have a preview, and the fonts that do have a preview aren't aliased, they're all pixellated. When I try to load a font without a preview, Paint.NET crashes and pdncrash.log is placed on my desktop, which I have attached to this post. The fonts that do have a preview when previewed in the picture and not the font drop-down menu are only anti-aliased at certain huge sizes, in other words, not pixelated but smooth. Please try to help. Thanks, Saint Rome (if you're wondering why pdncrash is
  3. Pretty nifty. As said before, very simple yet effective.
  4. My idea/request for a new PDN: Ok, well first of all, have Line/Curve tool selected... you MIGHT need it for this idea.. There could be an input box on the top, below Effects, Adjustments, etc. Type a number in from 2 to 10, and presto, more nubs. You could create really some complex curves. Just a thought that's been buzzing around in my head for a while now.
  5. Great tutorial! I experimented a little, here's what I got...
  6. Thanks! Your outcome, I find, looks way better than mine Nice outcome, glad you liked my tutorial.
  7. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Hmph, I couldn't fit this topic into any other forums. I thought about what category the image fits into the most, and I realized, "Hey, this kind of looks like metal!" so I decided to put it into Textures. This is my first tutorial (and my first post ). Hope you enjoy the texture as much as I do. Outcome: Plugins needed: -Weave -Dents -Clouds -Curves 1. Effects > Render > Weave with these settings: 2. Effects > Distort > Dents Settings:
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