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  1. Thanks so much Rick! Although I actually ended up uninstalling an update not installing an update...either way, it worked! Thanks Saint Rome
  2. Hey, I have a somewhat new Windows 7 x86 computer with Paint.NET v3.58. Some fonts in Paint.NET do not have a preview, and the fonts that do have a preview aren't aliased, they're all pixellated. When I try to load a font without a preview, Paint.NET crashes and pdncrash.log is placed on my desktop, which I have attached to this post. The fonts that do have a preview when previewed in the picture and not the font drop-down menu are only anti-aliased at certain huge sizes, in other words, not pixelated but smooth. Please try to help. Thanks, Saint Rome (if you're wondering why pdncrash is a txt file not a log file, that's because I changed it in order to include it in this post--log files apparently aren't permitted) pdncrash.txt
  3. Pretty nifty. As said before, very simple yet effective.
  4. My idea/request for a new PDN: Ok, well first of all, have Line/Curve tool selected... you MIGHT need it for this idea.. There could be an input box on the top, below Effects, Adjustments, etc. Type a number in from 2 to 10, and presto, more nubs. You could create really some complex curves. Just a thought that's been buzzing around in my head for a while now.
  5. Great tutorial! I experimented a little, here's what I got...
  6. Thanks! Your outcome, I find, looks way better than mine Nice outcome, glad you liked my tutorial.
  7. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Hmph, I couldn't fit this topic into any other forums. I thought about what category the image fits into the most, and I realized, "Hey, this kind of looks like metal!" so I decided to put it into Textures. This is my first tutorial (and my first post ). Hope you enjoy the texture as much as I do. Outcome: Plugins needed: -Weave -Dents -Clouds -Curves 1. Effects > Render > Weave with these settings: 2. Effects > Distort > Dents Settings: 3. Adjustments > Curves Settings: 4. Effects > Render > Clouds settings: 5. Curves again with the same settings. 6. Optional Go to Curves and color. Hope you enjoy that effect. :3 Note: This is not the best effect I have made. I will later on post more effects.
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