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  1. You could have maturely and privately messaged me about this to ask me to edit my post to remove the mention of this useful dastardly bundle of convenient evil plugins rather than doing it yourself and trying to make me look like an idiot. The pack is clean (scanned with several reputable scanners, before and after unpacking; not so much as a false positive. I am careful. It's a simple RAR self-extracting archive.) and as of its most recent update contains working, useful, relatively up-to-date versions of the same plugins available through this forum; it's not as if they stripped the author
  2. I believe I had this plugin through the "Megalo OMG TEH COPYRITE VIRUZ Plugins Pack" previously, for about two months, and have never had APNG support. Not sure what version that was, though.
  3. Yes. I even reinstalled Paint .NET, put in the DLL, then started Paint .NET, and all I get is the .agif option. As you can see, at least the agif option is present, which means it is recognizing the dll, it's just not showing the apng option for some reason. Nothing shows up under plugin errors, either. EDIT: It's version It's the version from sbplgbest-1288913429.zip.
  4. This is all I have. Even with all other Filetype plugins removed, this is what I get in the Save As dialogue:
  5. Okay, I don't know if I'm missing something here, or what, but... I don't see APNG support in that plugin pack link, at all. I downloaded the zip file and extracted it where it belongs, but the only plugin DLL is "AnimGIF.dll". Nothing for APNG. When trying to save in Paint .NET, now, the .agif save option shows up, but .apng/"Animated PNG" is nowhere to be found on the list. Attempting to manually type in the filename results in a "filename.apng.pdn" file. Am I just being stupid, or was the animated PNG dll file removed?
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